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IOSDHCIBlockDevice.kext driver for JMicron SD card readers for 10.7/10.8

08 February 2013 - 03:43 PM

Hi All,

VoodooSDHCI did nothing for me, so I did some minor changes to be able to build Brendon Allen's and Forest Godfrey's SD card reader driver under Mountain Lion in 64 bit mode. (Source: http://osxsdhci.sourceforge.net) The included kext is x86/x86_64, but I'm on 10.8, so I have no idea how well it works in 32bit mode (but in that case you're well off with the original driver). I built it against 10.7 framework, so Lion people can probably use it too. Sources included.

I happened to have the exact same card reader as specified in the original Info.plist, i.e. 197b:2381, so I figured "whatever" and went for it. It's been 6 hours and I'm basically done. If you have a different device, you can try to edit the Info.plist file and change IOPCIMatch. For example:
$ lspci -vvnn | grep SD
06:00.2 SD Host controller [0805]: JMicron Technology Corp. Standard SD Host Controller [197b:2381] (prog-if 01)

Then you should edit your Info.plist to look like this:


(Note the reverse ordering of the vendor and device IDs.)

For the moment I have disabled multiblock transfer high speed transfer because of CRC errors and/or mismatched MD5 checksums (and kernel panics, for that matter). If anyone has any idea how to figure this out, fire away. I assume that some numbers don't align anymore when __LP64__ is defined (see IOBlockStorageDevice).

Any feedback welcome. This is a debug binary, so prepare to have your dmesg spammed.


Boot volume disappeared from Chameleon menu

09 October 2012 - 07:22 AM

After a normal reboot, my boot volume disappeared from the Chameleon boot menu. During the run before the reboot, I used Migration assistant to transfer applications to another Mac. I don't know if it's the issue here, because the machine was the source and I believe Migration Assistant doesn't change anything in the source.

I did the following:
  • booted into an install medium, Repair Disk (there were no errors) and reinstalled Chameleon
  • tried to boot with Chameleon installed on a different disk
  • replaced the kernel with backup
If I press Enter, I see the kexts being loaded (so it can see the partition) and then it reboots.

Please help me fix this without reinstalling...

GeForce GTS 250M works 10% of the time in 10.8.2

22 September 2012 - 11:51 AM

Hi all,

I'm writing this in pale hope because I'm positive I've tried almost everything.

I own a MSI GT 640 gaming series laptop with a GTS 250M (device id 0ca9), AKA GT215. I had a happy flawless install of Lion where it worked with GraphicsEnabler=Yes.

I installed Mountain Lion 10.8.2 using HackInstaller and now it boots fine until the login window is about to come up and 90% of the time the computer just hangs. Once every 8-10 boots it will bring up the login screen and from then on everything (Quartz, compositing, OpenGL games, sleep, AGPM) will work fine.

It also appears that I need to shuffle between Graphics Modes between reboots because it will not boot twice in the same graphics mode. In native resolution 1680x1050x32 set up in Chameleon 90% of the time I will get a RED SCREEN and lockup and every now and then a login screen. In all other VESA modes a most likely occurence will be a "You need to turn off your computer..." message.

Verbose mode doesn't change anything. debug=0x144 prints no information (it appears that the computer is really locked up).

Things I've tried:
  • switching bootloaders (I'm currently on Chameleon SVN r2054, best results so far)
  • PCIRootUID=1 gives a black screen, always
  • -x boots ok without Quartz obviously
  • nVidia kexts NVDANV50hal.kext and NVDAResman.kext from: DP1, DP2, DP3, DP4 (best) and new nVidia drivers (also work), Lion
  • editing kexts to include IOPCIMatch for my card (0ca9), no difference
  • switching Quartz.framework and QuartzCore.framework from Lion (fails to boot) and DP1 (no difference)
  • GraphicsEnabler=No ends up with a black (disabled) screen, but the card is detected (NVDANV50HAL loaded and registered)
  • custom EFI string, injected EFI string from Lion and once, when it booted fine, from Mountain Lion
  • npci=0x2000, npci=0x3000 make no difference
  • I use DSDT patched by HackInstaller, but DSDT=No makes no difference
  • probably any combination of boot flags possible...
Unfortunately there is no VBIOS for my card to download so I can't try POST-ing with Chameleon. Anyone knows how I can drop it from my card on Windows?

If anyone could possibly help me, I would be very greatful.
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