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In Topic: IntelMausiEthernet.kext for Intel onboard LAN

Today, 08:45 PM

I blocked in the BIOS the option "IOAPIC 24-119 Entries" error was - "failed to get adapter data with error -2"

The screenshot you posted yesterday shows error -3 but error -2 means that there is a problem with the PHY which is most likely still under control of the management engine (ME). 

In Topic: IntelMausiEthernet.kext for Intel onboard LAN

Today, 01:12 PM


May be you already know this, may be no

LAN Disable register A0h, bit0=1 -> disable LAN controller

Is it causing such error?


The driver fails with "Failed to get adapter data with error -3." which means that the NIC's flash region isn't mapped but I have no idea why.  :unsure:




EDIT: Have you enabled FixRegions in your Clover config file?

In Topic: Tracing back the AMD GPU wakeup issue to its origin

Today, 03:35 AM

But I get multi-monitor perfectly fine with auto-generated connector data when I don't inject anything, still doesn't explain why SSDT/DSDT injection will only work when ATI injection is enabled only.

Apple's algorithm for auto-generation of the connector data is defective. In case multi screen support is working for you, you might be one of the lucky few but this doesn't mean the the connector data is 100% correct. The hotplug id might be wrong causing display detection to fail after wakeup. There are several reports of limited functionality using the default framebuffer so that we must consider that as the normal state.


I only wonder if this is a driver bug or if Apple designed it that way intentionally?



In Topic: Tracing back the AMD GPU wakeup issue to its origin

Today, 03:02 AM

Can someone explain to me why SSDT patching doesn't work unless you inject ATI using Clover?

Basically it boils down to the question: why do Apple's framebuffer drivers define dedicated framebuffer personalities although they are able to auto-generate a default personality for almost any graphics card we are using?


Well, I think that the answer is quite obvious. It's because the auto-generated connector data isn't meant to be a full replacement for a dedicated one but more as a fallback mechanism for situations in which a dedicated framebuffer personality for a certain graphics card is missing so that basic screen output can be provided even for unknown hardware. This is also the reason why auto-generated connector data is limited in functionality in a way that it doesn't support advanced feature like multi screen support, etc.



In Topic: IntelMausiEthernet.kext for Intel onboard LAN

Yesterday, 10:16 PM

Nothing helped. Rolled back BIOS to older versions. On the website Tony, there are reports on the plant of my Board (ASUS Z170i gaming pro) and it works. There is a possibility of conflict with Lilu.kext and plugins?

Provided the BIOS updates also contain a ME firmware update, have you chosen to update the ME firmware too while installing the BIOS update?


I don't think that a Lilu plugin is causing the driver failure, at least I have no reason to assume it might be but, as not all of them are open source, it's hard to rule out completely.


Please post an IOReg dump. Use version 3.0.2 of IORegistryExplorer to create the dump.



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