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In Topic: ASUS HD5570 WORKS IN 10.6.4 with qe/ci

24 October 2010 - 05:59 AM

Use the search button!
Haha, if you have some sort of knowledge, you wouldn't need to beg in every thread. :/
I have my Gigabyte 5670 running with DVI and VGA, no HDMI support yet. Full resolution and QE/CI.

Now see that button at the top that says "search"? Click it.

Davi you helped me in another thread and i thnanked you. I didn't get the same results that you got. So i'm asking someone else their method. It's really simple. I have tried various methods and if you want know what they are i'll tell you. I'm not begging just asking. I searched using google 5670+ site:insanelymac.com for all the results. I then searched for every occurance of the 5670 within each page of all the results so go easy bro i'm doing my homework before asking. You are lucky your's worked. Not all makes are the same and not all ports always work. As i recall you have a vga adapter on dvi. I only have one dvi port and and hdmi port. It is a slightly different set than yours.

In Topic: ASUS HD5570 WORKS IN 10.6.4 with qe/ci

24 October 2010 - 04:17 AM

1. Some days ago, i got my asus hd5670 work.
2. Now, i get hd5570 work also. :D

Boot with boothink, and snow leopard retail version, make sure you have update to 10.6.4 and install graphicupdate 1.0.

place the ATY_int.kext to c:\darwin\system\Library SL\Extensions\ and boot with '-f -v' then repaire permission after you start up.(5570 hard id is 0x68d9)

Also, you can install this kext by other tools. just need one kexts after install the graphicupdate1.0.

Thanks to netkas and David.

That's ok, have a good day! :P

BTW: for my base system is AMD X3 435 +785G, SO I CAN NOT TEST FOR IF IT IS WORK UNDER 64 BIT.

I'm happy to hear about your success. I too have the XFX 5670. I've gotten it running but with no qe/ci. Could you state how you got your 5670 running with qe/ci?

In Topic: ATI Radeon 5670

21 October 2010 - 03:23 PM

I have a Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD 5670.

For this method, you install ATY_Init.kext first (I think ATI5000Controller.kext as well), no drivers. Then after everything, and your card is detected in System Profiler, you should be able to install the drivers (ATIRadeonX3000.kext and such).

For Kaybl's bootloader. You must install everything in one motion. i.e. install latest Chameleon, replace boot with Kaybl's (or Mohammed Khairy's *not sure what's different just yet besides the AtiFb option*) AND the graphics update. You also must have 10.6.4 update.

If you get a checkerboard screen or a blank screen, means the framebuffer did not work for you. For my Gigabyte I used Baboon which seems best for me. I am also using:
- DVI (with a DVI2VGA dongle), 1st monitor.
- a VGA slot, 2nd monitor

And again, HDMI hasn't seemed to work out for me, I've given up on that and am now just waiting for updates.

P.S. Can't wait til Lion comes out. Looks hectic.

thanks davidemon, that is clearest explanation i have had in response to my efforts. Now i think there is hope by using the right frame buffer. I tried Baboon.

In Topic: ATI Radeon 5670

21 October 2010 - 07:30 AM

hello there, i tried a few different configurations and just couldn't get qe/ci working. I had xfx 5670 1 gb ddr5. dvi. partial success was with 10.6.4 and graphics update , I used aty_init and no x3000 because that would cause kp at first. but i had no qe/ci. I then tried to use x3000 after and i would get a blue and green checkerboard screen instead of the desktop.
No success with the experimental Kabyl boot. I would just get a repeating error/hang on fakeSMC.... I added the device id to the 5000 kext. I would really like to get this card working. How many people have dvi and qe/ci on the 5670?

BTW i'm too lazy to update my sig. I just realized how long it's been since ive been on.
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