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In Topic: Auto Layout Worth It?

03 July 2013 - 04:22 AM

Genereally speaking from my experience in using auto layout it can either be a grand hit or a great miss in terms of laying out objects within a storyboard.  I do use autolayout in both iPhone and iPad storyboards because they translate the objects correctly on screen at runtime but I've seen cases where objects would be placed in unintended places when I had it on and was only fixed when I turned autolayout off albeit having to correctly place the objects in that view controller in their respective places.  Just remember of course that constraints plays a role when rotating into landscape view.  If you've used autolayout in the iPhone layout then you could follow suit for iPad as well.




im doing some screens in IB and im just having a tedious time the iPadStoryboard as i copied and pasted all the views from the iPhoneStoryboard, just too many constraints, and the thing is i can probably  knock it out within one full day, doing it manually.



is it worth just doing it with autolayouts, will it be worth it/beneficial in the end? regarding new screens sizes (i.e. iphone5) its just really pissing me off, my manager wants to do it that way, but hes willing to not do if its not worth it.


should we go on with it? or should we wait till they improve it?



edit: im goign with auto layout, since itll be worth it, its just very tedious, annoying, and it pisses me off lol

In Topic: Autorotation & Positioning Problem

10 October 2012 - 06:37 AM

When you normally look to check if the orientation, there is the type def UIDeviceOrientation that you can use and set equal to your current UIDevice orientation. I just churned out a sample code of it in Xcode a while ago to show you

Posted Image

thanks for the example!

i basically just put the original coding in to my viewdidload to get a short term fix, but thanks for the example, i do need to do it the right way for the long run.

In Topic: Linker Command Failed Error, Please Help

10 October 2012 - 06:35 AM

It would seem the architecture you're trying to build against isn't the correct one. Try checking in the project settings and making sure the settings are correct.

thanks, the API i was working with wasn't compatible with ARM7s so i had to deactivate that.

linea pro basically, rebuilt their API, looks like im going to have fun implementing the new version to my app
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