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Slow CPU after ComboUpdate (10.6.8)

28 April 2013 - 10:03 AM

I have installed 10.6.3 SL on my laptop, and i'm trying to update to 10.6.8, i have the combo update from apple webpage.
I've done it before and it works well with the exception of the usb, installing comboupdate, and when it finish, before restarting, i repair permissions with kext wizard, and, as i said, the last time worked fine.

The problem now is that the cpu turns to be very slow, and it freeze when loading everything (specially systempreferences or finder).
I think i have extra kexts that i don't neede and causes it, or maybe i need an extra kext that i have no installed yet...

In the attachment i've put extra folder, with the kexts and dsdt, and a darwindumper report, i'm using chameleon RC5, maybe i should update to a newest version or maybe to chimera (last time i was working with chimera, but now i have try after updating and continues freezing).

Any idea about it or how to solve will be very helpful.

Last question: ¿can i make a "restore point" as in windows, so if i update and it doesn't works, return or downgrade to the previous version i have in my laptop?

Bootable SL Usb

25 April 2013 - 07:10 PM

I need to create a usb bootable to install Snow leopard, i have a SL retail dvd and the kexts (fakeSMC.kext, NullCPUmagnamente.kext) and a dsdt patched (i don't know if it works, but i also have kext for all i'll need).

The fact is that i have any mac available at the moment, so the usual way of creating the bootable usb is not an option.
I need a guide to create the usb from windows, with the bootloader (doesn't matter if is chameleon, ##### o anyone, the one that works better) and SL dvd (i have no optical drive, so i prefer to put all in the same pendrive) and also all the kexts that i have to install.

I have been searching trough the internet a lot but i couldn't find any guide or tutorial where it's explained how to do it.
Last time i do it with iatkos v7 and ddmac (which allows me to create the bootable from windows, but now i can't do it, it creates the booatable but it doesn't work on any computer, it stucks reading the pendrive without getting to the install menu)

The important points are:
-having bootloader, SL dvd, kexts and dsdt in the SAME pendrive (this is the most important thing)
-creating it from windows (i don't have a mac available at the moment)
-if possible a link to all files i'll need (basically files from bootloader, the others i have all ithink)
-making it bootable from any kind of computer (i've find that some bootables i've made doesn't boot on some computers, maybe because of the bootloader)

Hope you can help me, i've been trying it a lot but i haven't get it.

Usb not working (and sleep problem)

23 April 2013 - 01:52 PM

I have just came from 10.6.4 to 10.6.8 with a clean install, and all is working propely, but with usb i have a big issue, after updating, usb don't work, but with usbbusfix=yes they start working, but every time i reboot i lost it string (i've put in org.chameleon.boot.plist).

But, after trying a lot of different kexts, rollback (10.4 iousbfamilly.kext) and a everything i can find on the internet about solving it, they are still not working.

Can anyone help me with it?

I have also a problem with sleep, which is not working right now, but, although it does not matter because i never use it maybe you could help me to get it working

Problema USBBusFix

23 April 2013 - 08:31 AM

Acabo de realizar una instalacion con actualizacion limpia a 10.6.8 y tengo todo funcionando perfectamente con la excepcion de los usb.

Tras instalar el iousbfamilly rollback, el iousbfamilly.kext etc vi que no daba resultado.
Probe a introducir el USBBusFix=Yes al inicio (uso chimera, version 2.0.1) y funcionan perfectamente (con el LegacyUsbSupport desactivado)

Creyendo que con eso lo habia solucionado modifique el org.chameleon.boot.plist e introduje el string correspondiente.
Reinicio para comprobar los cambios, y los usb no funcionan, a pesar de que el string esta correctamente introducido.

Reinicio otra vez y veo que los usb vuelven a funcionar, despues de varia pruebas he visto que unicamente funcionan tras reiniciar (tengo que encenderlo y apagarlo siempre que quiera que funcionen los usb)

¿a que se puede deber esto o como puedo solucionarlo?

El mayor problema por otra parte es no poder determinar si el usb esta o no activo cuando arranco el pc, normalmente tengo una tarjeta de sonido que me confirma con un led el estado del usb pero si no tengo nada conectado no puedo saberlo y es posible que me vea forzado a reiniciar si quiero usar un pendrive por ejemplo para salvar un trabajo, lo cual no es comodo si ya tengo encendido el pc y el trabajo abierto.

Snow Leopard Hp 530

02 January 2013 - 10:47 AM

Quiero instalar snow leopard en este portatil, lo he tenido con sl 10.6.3 hasta hace poco (no pude actualizar).
lo tenia instalado con Chimera como bootloader (chameleon no era compatible con mi grafica).
Unicamente necesite instalar un fix para usb, voodo hda y voodo ps2 (este ultimo lo quiero sustituir por kext nativos que ya tengo descargados).
Lo instale con iatkos pero ahora tengo dvd original y queria instalarlo de la forma mas limpia posible, preferiblemente cargando todo en un pendrive (bootloader y todo, de forma que si tengo que reinstalar algun dia sea conectar el pen y formatear).
Se que para ML existe un archivo que permite cargar todos los archivos incluyendo el OS en un pen ¿existe algo similar para Snow leopard?
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