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In Topic: OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

22 July 2014 - 05:09 AM

For me it's working for app handoff, but I haven't been able to get it to alert me to a phone call. 


And actually if I try to open safari via handoff on my iPhone, it pops up safari and says it's "opening webpage from handoff" and then just says "search or enter website name" without actually opening a page, so it's just a white screen on my phone. It works from iPhone to OS X though. Doesn't seem to work at all for mail. It tries to load on my phone but then gives an error. OS X doesn't even show mail in the dock for handoff. Can't seem to get any other apps to show in the dock on OS X. Looks like they haven't worked out the kinks yet.

What's the bluetooth for your computer? Is it a real mac or hackintosh? And it's a USB BT dongle or something else?

In Topic: OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

21 July 2014 - 12:19 AM

Yep. No related info can be found from other sources. What a liar. :D

In Topic: OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

06 July 2014 - 02:33 AM

DP3 coms.....


Dear Developer,

We will be performing a server-side data wipe on all CloudKit public and private databases for iOS 8 beta and OS X Yosemite Developer Preview users on July 7, 2014. The following iCloud features will be affected: iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library, and Mail Drop. 

Photos and videos stored in iCloud Photo Library will remain on their original iOS 8 devices and will upload to iCloud Photo Library again automatically. iCloud Drive can be re-enabled from Set up Assistant after upgrade. If you choose to store your documents in iCloud Drive, your Documents & Data will automatically be copied to iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive will not update across earlier seeds or operating systems. Attachments sent through Mail Drop will expire and need to be resent after you upgrade.

That's quite misunderstanding. I boot to my 10.10 drive and check the update. :D

For sure, nothing shows up. LOL

In Topic: [Guide] AIO Guides For Hackintosh

04 July 2014 - 01:28 AM

Well, nvram didn't save system's settings (brightness, and other values doesn't change at all) and only saves settings that I put in w/ the nvram test="test" command, but after the update to 2741 (well the latest one, I don't remember it because I'm not using OS X these times because of tablet fixing :/ ) and I re-installed the "latest" version of nvram emulator that came w/ the installer and the RC scripts, I made sure that the nvram saving mode is "Auto" in Clover.prefpan and the EFI isn't mounted (just because it's annoying :o ) and I let the brightness to the lowest value (just before turning off the screen), after the reboot it worked and the brightness came back as I set it to before :frantics: . Nothing Special :P

Good for you. Mine is almost fine except for the brightness value gets store in the nvram.plist but it goes all the way up after restart.

In Topic: [Guide] AIO Guides For Hackintosh

04 July 2014 - 12:35 AM

vusun, I had a nvram problem :P now it's fixed w/ the update, and SLEEP is awesome, the only problem is that if I have USB plugged in, I must wait @ least 4mins for the lap in sleep mode to wake it afterward, I used a patch in poken's tool to prevent OS X from hibernating, even though, before I applied that patch and I unchecked the NeverHib option in Clover, I can power the lap from hibernation but 3/5 times works, and 2/5 I can get to the login screen, but can't move anything, and it just reboot. Another problem is sound doesn't work after sleep, I need to patch then manually the kext, but now I'm not using OS X for some other fixings :P and thanks for the patches :D

Oops. What was your problem with nvram? And what did you update to solve that problem?

Ok, please make sure the brightness value is saved correctly, by compare the nvram value before shutdown and the value in nvram.plist after restarting. The value in plist is 64-bit value, you have to convert 64-bit to ASCII.

Hi,poke. I saw your post in the Project OS X forum. After all, do you find a way to solve the brightness issue with version 2703+

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