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In Topic: [GUIDE] Thinkpad T420 with (Mountain) Lion

21 April 2012 - 02:37 PM

I gave your DSDT a shot and still same results. :-/

Now I am having a fully functional hackintosh on my T420 (4180-AH4) using the attached DSDT, you may check it out.

In Topic: [GUIDE] Thinkpad T420 with (Mountain) Lion

19 April 2012 - 05:37 PM

Thanks, however I had already added the dual link patch to the DSDT that I posted above.

If you could test it out for me and let me know if it works for you then I could at least rule that out and then I would know if I need to change the boot loader or something with the kexts on the system.

I have already tried yours and it didn't work for me, got me a black screen after booting, maybe you can try the DSDT i posted earlier, but still I am having some troubles about it, always get a self assigned IP and static IPs are not working

In Topic: [GUIDE] Thinkpad T420 with (Mountain) Lion

16 April 2012 - 05:50 PM

Any ideas what is wrong here?
t420 Intel graphics, no discrete adapter.

Using BIOS 1.37 whitelisted modded BIOS with modded DSDT.

Verbose boot ends with:
Transcript Offline - Buffer Pool Allocate Failed [181000]
DSMOS has arrived
macx_swapon SUCCESS

It _does_ complete the boot as I can hear volume changing from the speakers, I can blindly log in and I can even reboot by pressing Power 'r' Enter.
So I know its not frozen. The graphics ID is 8086 0126.
I have tried with and without all AppleIntel* kexts on the system.
I have tried with and without graphicsenabler=yes / no
I have tried PCIRootUID=0 /1 /2
I have tried DSDT with only RTC fix applied.

If anyone cares, I have also attached my DSDT for reference.
I changed the name of the graphics device to GFX0, removed references to cores that I dont have.
Matched the other Madl0n mods that he posted in another dsdt for the t420.

Hi Ludacrisvp,

You can check this URL: http://www.tonymacx8...a0f00229b33ce1c for more details about your issue.
It seems we both have the same configuration, I passed through this step, and used an already modified dsdt (in the above post) but causing another issues

I would prefer if you can patch yours to include the dual link fix, and please report back if it's working with you

In Topic: [GUIDE] Thinkpad T420 with (Mountain) Lion

16 April 2012 - 03:17 PM


I have Lenovo T420 "4180-AH4" with the following specifications:
- Intel ® Core™ i5-2520 M
- Only Integrated HD 3000 "0x0126"
- Ram DDR3 4GB
- Intel 82579LM Gigabyte Network Connection

I managed in installing Lion (10.7 - Then updated with Combo update 10.7.2) on my external HDD WS "250 GB" formatted in MBR.

When I have used the attaced DSDT file in the initial post and it cause the screen to be black after the booting "Dual Link-Backlight" as described in the link below , but I think network was working fine, so I used a patched DSDT file found on the internet and now display is working fine but with these issues
- Enthernet is now connecting but fail to obtain intenet connectivity "DHCP-Manaually" - EthernetbuildIn used in start up - Kext AppleIntelE1000
- The battery/AC is not recognizable by the system


Also I am having another trouble installed XCode, it says you have to upgrade to Mac OS 10.6.6, Altough "About Mac" says that I have version 10.7.2

I have tried to edit the DSDT file but I am not that experienced enough to do so :((, so if someone can help me about it, that would be GREAT.

The used files are attached, I need to compine the two 2 DSDT files, so I can use the one in the initial post but contains the fix for dual link as described in the above link.

Thanks a lot.
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