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10.8.x + hp xw4600

26 October 2012 - 01:24 PM

osx86 project info specific to hp xw600 and 10.8.x mountain lion

- this info was not found elsewhere, but probably scattered all over the internet.

- SCOPE may include (but not yet verified): HP xw4400, xw4600, xw6400 or xw8400 Workstation.

Related info:


it's in german deutche spreiche language but might help

hi again,

i've added a spare hdd, and have spin that up for a test build.

with the ##### installer, have got as far as installing osx and setting up user account.

audio does not work.

since the xw4600 has windows7 and ubuntu on another hdd, have to boot using the usb so chameleon/chimela can help choose the macintosh osx partition to boot.

anyway, with #####, can you confirm what version you used, and what options did you tick off.

i tried to select the alc 888 audio kext, but that messed up.

so starting again from scratch.

Yeah that's correct I used Tony's ##### USB stick and their Guide to install, everything works except the on-board LAN, I've tried loads of custom drivers for it but just can't get it working. In the end I put an Intel Pro 100 in and am living with that for the moment, though would dearly like to get it up to Gigabit.


i'm testing with 10.8.1 and so far after fresh install, shutdown is no issue. after using ######, i tried setting the system definition to mac pro 3,1 and that really messed it up again.

I just took all the defaults, didn't tick anything when running the USB setup, then when I booted off the USB I couldn't get to the customisation options it was just blank, so I just installed it and it boots fine. My lspci output is further up this thread if you wanted to compare hardware. i have a dual head NVIDIA card in it too, running dual 19" DVI monitors, all works well.

I tried loads, and I mean about 10 or more different Kexts to get the on-board Gigabit working, will take a look at that thread though and report back if I get it to work.


RAID: in bios RAID was selected but, come to bootup, osx disk utility couldnt see any hdd,
so went back selected ahci in bios.

If you are new to Hackintoshing then I would say take tony's easy path first till you get the hang of it. Took me about 20 attempts to get Snow Leopard on here when I started, but getting Mountain Lion on was a doddle. I have a Quadro FX 370 and it seems to work fine, audio out front and back works but I have no way to test the input as I have no microphone. I can also rip/burn DVD's with no problem. As regards RAID again I don't use that but I see no reason why it wouldn't work, I have a NAS with RAID which holds all my files etc.


someone with xw4600 and looks 100% working

Hi I'm Nico

I've been a member for a short time and really using the forum to help me search and get information on my latest OSX project. I (in the past) have messed about with an OSX86 project on an old hp desktop and managed to get Leopard installed which in turn got me addicted to the world of Macs and video editing etc... as a result an upgrade was required so I've recently completed (still needs some tidying of cables!) a build of an HP XW4600 into a Power Mac G5 Case running Lion perfectly (only in 32bit with the Nvidia graphics card for now) all thanks to information I found here (didnt even need to post to get help! - search is my friend :-) ). Next project is converting a dual quad core processor HP XW6400 with 24gb of ram into a G5 case (not an easy task as the internals are huge!!) PC and Mac G5 case on the way!

Anyway just wanted to say hi and hopefully I'll be active on the forum when I get the time!


HP xw4600 + 10.8.x

20 October 2012 - 12:25 AM


Couldnt find a topic on xw4600 + 10.8.x so this is just a rough sketch. hope others with xw4600 + 10.8.x working 100% can help out.

I'm completely new to this and just trying to organise the info needed to get it working out of the box, or without too much problems.


References to xw4600 + osx 10.x.x




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