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In Topic: [GUIDE] Dell L701X (xps 17 late 2010)

15 March 2013 - 06:35 AM

the dsdt does not work on l401x. any updates?

In Topic: Help needed Mountain Lion from Lion in XPS L501x

14 March 2013 - 05:14 PM

I have Dell XPS L501x
-Intel i7-740
-nVidia 430m

Guys I am going to upgrade from Lion to ML.

I have bought the app from mac store. Can I just upgrade the hackintosh with it ? [I mean just opening the app & letting it to do that work].

If not, what all kernel flags I have to use while installing ?

and from where I can get kexts for it ? Can I use kexts of Lion ?

Thank you !!

bump anyone else got 10.8x on the l40lx? xps 14?

In Topic: 10.8.x + hp xw4600

27 October 2012 - 02:56 AM

HI, I managed to get a few XW's and an HP Z800 running running Lion, its been a while but I'll try to detail some of the issues, I just got a new XW8400 with tons of ram and 8 cores unit so will be trying for Mountain Lion soon.

The sata/raid controller doesnt work too well with MAC OSX but works just fine with ahci selected and sas connection for hdd's.

I wasted alot of time with DSDT files that ruined the whole setup and never had success. Once OS was installed had to sort the Audio, using graphics enabler I could get graphics and all resolutions however my unit has a cad graphics card and i couldnt get it to enable acceleration in 64bit and NVenabler wont support dual monitor output. Dropped the OS into 32bit and accelleration was enabled.

Network interface required a Kext (BCMXXXX = cant recall this at the moment) and then the addition of the device ID to make it work followed by rebuilding the permissions and restart.

hi, thanks for helping, these hp xw-xx00 machines are just awesome because they weigh a tonne! haha

other than that if it wasnt going to work, i was just going to replace the mainboard with one that works out of the box, as in the experiences from the osx86 community. eg the tony mac and osx86 etc.

i just tried to do another fresh install using ##### for ml with 10.8.1

update: the main issue now is getting it to boot without the usb install always plugged in. someone got this working on xw4600 and 10.8.X

what doesnt work after fresh install?

- soln - voodoohda kext - but, pc speaker not working. only through the audio i/o

networking -
for realtek - soln one of the community bcm kexts
for intel cards - i threw one in and it works like magic

SHUTDOWN/RESET - it was working. but now it just felt like not working. have to do a hard power off. when i tested with the netkas l2 it worked with no issues. im a complete noob, so i've no idea whats going on in the background details.

what works after a fresh install?
quadro fx 1700/1800 - youtube with full hd 1080p works - so no funny video driver modding.
dual screen works. =) yes out of the box
usb works.

b4 testing this, i already had w7/ubuntu on one hdd, i just added another hdd to test osx. how to get chainloading to work?

hdd #1 - w7 (truecrypt)/ubuntu
hdd #2 - osx

i want to boot up, then have hdd #1 bootup, truecrypt will ask for pw, if i dont want to use w7 i press esc to load ubuntu bootloader, but i dont know how to add the osx volume to the ubuntu boot menu

In Topic: HP xw4400 Workstation + OS X Lion

26 October 2012 - 07:55 AM

Updated the Xw4400 to Mountain Lion, everything works perfectly excluding sleep, needs cpu power management disabler, probably can be easily solved with some ssdt tampering but for the moment it isn't worth to.
If Os/x cannot see your disk, check in the bios what's the option set for SATA, if it's RAID, select 'separate IDE controller' instead

Yes, it's not mistyping, I'm speaking of a Xw4400, the Xw8400 in my signature is another system

can you please detail your steps to get it working?

is the xw4400 and xw8400 the same family ? ie same mainboard? just different intel cpus?

example i read an hp kb "HP xw4400, xw4600, xw6400 or xw8400 Workstation - X may fail to start with Specific NVIDIA Quadro Graphics Cards and certain Red Hat Linux 32 bit versions"

In Topic: HP Compaq 6910p + OS X Lion 10.7.x

20 October 2012 - 12:33 AM

I'm also new to this and I have the Intel GM965 model.
Using iAtkos L2 runs through the install with Chameleon bootloader, SATA support, Intel Gigabit Ethernet, USBFix and from memory not much else(should have documented).
On reboot the PC fails with an IOArrary KP.
Next reboot with the safe boot, same issue.
Reviewing my brief experience with 10.5.7 I tried the -v -x arch=i386 GraphicsEnabler=No flags and the PC boots but with garbled screen. I plugged in the external monitor, rebooted close the laptop using the same flags the machine boots.
AppleIntelE1000e.kext, AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext installed through Kext Wizard and the GraphicsEnabler=No option added to the Chameleon Boot Options.

All worked, the internal display works at it's max. resolution, ethernet, USB.

Cloned the HDD.

Did the Software Update to 10.7.4 and apart from the Intel WiFi everything seems stable.

Added: Installed USB wireless dongle, EDUP EP-N8811u, Everything now appears stable

hi thanks for the reply, from what i know the 6910p with x2300 ati graphics is just doesn't work well. so its just windows or ubuntu for the 6910p.

btw i think the 6910p can be upgraded to 8gb or 16gb, and a ssd at sata1 speeds . which sort of extends its useful life depending on what the laptop will be used for.
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