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In Topic: Tripleboot system unbootable after Linux reinstall

22 August 2012 - 11:04 PM

Is your Win and Linux also working? Are you able to boot Leopard from internal disk with the new Chameleon from external disk?

Three times yes. Booting Leopard as well as Snow Leopard is possible because of the nice chameleon feature to have different folders with different kexts for different system versions.

And advice - it would be good to have some USB key with Chameleon installed on it that would be your rescue boot option if something goes wrong again.

I will copy the content of the boot partition (I created a separate partition just for the bootloader) of the eSATA hd to the boot partition of the internal hd, install chameleon on it and unplug the internal hd. That should be more safe than the bank of suisse.

The lesson of this for me is that I wouldn't recommend the opensuse dvd for hybrid gpt/MBR disks. The installer promised not to touch the MBR but it did - maybe because hybrid gpt/MBR is pretty special.

blackosx, now I remember an article about what happens when a computer boots that I once read. As much as I remember it performs a selftest and then accesses a certain sector on the hd where it expects code to execute. If it doesn't find anything - game over. In my case one part of this code was obviously missing.
Both of my hds boot with chameleon. On the external hd I first installed windows, then chameleon, then linux with grub on the linux root partition. On the internal hd I started with chameleon 1 as much as I remember, then updated the boot-file, used asere bln's booter for some time, then installed chameleon 2. It might be a wild mixture of different components.

In Topic: Tripleboot system unbootable after Linux reinstall

22 August 2012 - 01:31 PM

Looking at your disk sectors from the report I don't recognise the code in the boot sector of either of your disks. Can you tell me what code is (or is supposed to be) on each? If you can then I can look to adding detection for it in DarwinDumper.

Sorry but I don't know what code is or should be there. Is this a question for experts only or could you ask in a way that a typical apple user understands?
Can I find out with gdisk? If so: which options should I choose in the main menu and the submenu?

Just installed boot0hfs with the dd-command and now the machine boots again from the eSATA hd!!
Thanks a lot, dmazar. Without your help hours of stupid work would have waited for me.

In Topic: Tripleboot system unbootable after Linux reinstall

21 August 2012 - 11:38 PM

This is the output of the new DarwinDumper version.

I could try to plug the eSATA hd into a laptop running 10.7.1 and then run the package installer or install boot0hfs from the latest chameleon binaries manually.

After reading your post now I will try what you suggested.

This boot CD is the only one I found (well someone else found it) that works for my old ASRock G945-DVI board. I tried different boot CDs including HackBoot, nothing ever worked. I thought I could forget Snow Leopard for this board before someone on insanelymac found this CD that was made for another board. I installed some systems with it.

In Topic: Tripleboot system unbootable after Linux reinstall

20 August 2012 - 11:19 PM

When I boot from CD the display shows a custom boot logo, the circle of lines is rotating, then the machine seems to be stuck in a loop. The mouse pointer disappears and comes back, there is some hd and CD activity. This repeats periodically while the activity symbol stopped spinning.

When I boot from CD with -v x text is displayed, dsmos arrives, then the screen turns black with a little white block in the upper left corner and it seems to be stuck in the same loop as before.

The system is almost vanilla except a driver for a USB audio interface, LAN-driver and a patched AppleAzalia.kext (if I didn't forget anything).

I could boot windows 7 with the boot CD without problems.

Just downloaded the new DarwinDumper 2.1.4. Will run it on the desktop machine tomorrow, blackosx.

In Topic: Tripleboot system unbootable after Linux reinstall

19 August 2012 - 10:51 PM

On the internal disk it's Leopard. I think the latest version of 10.5. Bootloader is chameleon, I think an older version, maybe any version 1. If you want to know exactly I can check tomorrow, I'm using another computer right now (we have little heatwave and it's damn hot in my room).

What I could try is to boot 10.6.8 on the eSATA hd with a boot CD and then run the package installer.
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