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[GUIDE] Lenovo T460 macOS with Clover

18 September 2016 - 02:11 PM

Lenovo T460 macOS with Clover Guide


24-Feb-2017 Update

  • Updated to Clover 4017
  • Changed to model MacbookPro13,1 for HWP support
  • Added syscl's X86Platform injector and SSDT in support of HWP
  • Added RehabMan's AppleBacklightInjector method for Backlight for 10.12.4
  • Removed IntelBackLight.kext from Other (now an optional kext)

Various Tweaks over Last 6 months



Attached is a current zip file with a complete Clover /EFI and kext pack for the Lenovo T460

The current file bundle is tested on Sierra. The zip file is attached to the bottom of this post.
Note: I never got the GFX fully working on El Capitan. 

  • Full Clover file set - config.plist etc.
  • Includes all custom kexts
  • Includes custom DSDT/SSDT scripts and patches
  • Utility scripts

Caveat: My system is a T460 with i5-6300U, Intel HD Graphics 520, 1920x1080 touch screen. 

Credits: RehabMan, Shmilee, vusun123, TimeWalker, Mieze from which, much of their work and help is/was was used to get the T460 to this point.


Devices and aspects working:

  1. Ethernet -  Intel I219LM is enabled via IntelMausiEthernext.kext
  2. WiFi/BT - substitute the Intel WiFi/BT with a compatible Broadcom or Atheros chip
  3. Audio - ALC293 codec implemented via Clover kext patches and AppleALC.kext (CodecCommander is not needed)
  4. PS2 - ClickPad + TrackPoint + all 3 buttons - using a modified VoodooPS2Controller to support new layouts - and added some custom Fn key maps based on 440/450 dsdt
  5. USB - implemented via custom SSDT + USBInjectAll kext. All USB3/USB2 ports are intel-based and work -  3 external USB and internal Camera, BT, etc 
  6. Sleep/Wake - the sleepwatcher package and custom sleep/wake scripts are used to help with sleep/wake for BT and PS2 devices.

Note: have not tried to implement the SD card reader - no driver found.


ACPI Files



New Installation - Steps and Details


Part 1 - OS Installation


Part 2- Post OS Installation and Setup


Notes on Custom Kexts


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