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In Topic: Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

Today, 07:38 PM

@pepo930 - you can edit the DSDT.dsl file to modify the logic - change from 0x7 (max) to something like 0x1 or whatever speed level you like - 0x1 to 0x7 (low to high). search for ThinkVantage and it will take you to the spot. 


@veer - search this thread for windows -- but don't make a NTFS partition with disk utilty since it will turn the PBMR into MBR and mess up UEFI boot for Win7 or Win10.  I use gpt to make an NTFS partition. or use windows to format the  space. 


@jus12 - not sure what happened? so I take it this panic was not a 1 time thing? i moved on to the betas right a way I'm on 10.12.1beta2 ... 


battery/power consumption topic - i don't know of a tool in OSX to reset a battery. i ran the Lenovo Settings tool downloaded from the Windows Store on Windows 10 to reset my battery. more than about 10 idle power means something is running and using power. run activity monitor or top on the command line to see what is running. cpu at 98% or 99% idle is really idle. 

In Topic: Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

Today, 09:23 AM

a couple things to check and consider on the battery topic:


1) a laptop battery will degrade over time and will last 2-4 years - the T420 is 5 years old.

2) consider recalibrating your battery. 

3) using 1800ma is not a battery problem but a system problem - i wondering what processes are running and consuming energy?

4) the ACPIbatterymanager kext is just reporting what values it finds on the battery. recalibrate will write new values for it to see/use. there is a debug version that will provide more info.


Otherwise i suggest one to download a simple tool called coconutBattery.app

it will show the "design" capacity of your battery vs current capacity.

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my T420 has a 6 cell batter with last night i recalibrate and got another 20% out of my battery

charge ability went from about 82% of design capacity (7950 mAh) to 94%. so means about 1 more hour on battery.

i replaced my battery about 2 years ago. so this is fairly new one.


idle power usage is something like 8-10 watts with it full loaded:  LCD, external monitor, SSD, internal disk, PCI card and 2 external disks .  i will strip it down on the weekend and see what the basic power consumption is.

In Topic: Editing Custom connector info for Intel HD 3000 Graphics (sandy bridge, OSX L...

Yesterday, 11:33 PM

@redneck - what is the problem exactly? 

In Topic: [GUIDE] T460 with Clover

Yesterday, 07:08 PM

I posted the current/updated zip - not much changed. 

In Topic: Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

Yesterday, 01:24 AM

@wijatka - can you diff the Info.plist on ACPIBattermanager kext old - new?

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