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In Topic: Gigabyte z170x Gaming 7 no sound

Yesterday, 11:19 PM

Look here, same codec.


In Topic: Installing a El Capitan on Dell Alienware 15r2 - Skylake system

23 October 2016 - 11:03 PM

Hey Guys, i share the working files for Mac OS X Sierra:

-The EFI folder (you have to generate the serials numbers for the Macbook pro (use Clover COnfigurator)

-The working kexts


What works so far:


-Audio (all ports + mic and sound volume control)

-CPU power management

-Boot from Nvme SSD


-Graphics (HD530 for internal display + 980m GTX for HDMI VIdeo out - you have to use the nvidia web drivers)

-Keuboard (i use VoodooPs2 from Rehabman, only tap from trackpad not working but it's not important for me)



-Brightness control

-Full hardware recognition (RAM, etc.)



Not working:

-HDMI audio ( i give up for now)

-WIFI ( i have killer 1535, waiting for a broadcom card to be shipped)


If you use these files to boot into the installer, change the boot arguments by removing nvda_drv=1 and putting nv_disable=1 instead).



Note: Files tested and working with Bios 1.3.6.  I tried with the older Bios (1.2.2) but i could not boot to OSX).



@Rehabman (DSDT + general problem solving)

@Mirone (Audio debugging

@Toleda (HDMI audio debugging)

@wern apfel (the creator of the AppleHDA patch for our hardware)

@Mieze for the Atheros kext

@All hackintosh community for everything.

In Topic: El Capitan AppleHDA HDMI Audio

21 October 2016 - 12:22 PM

SSDT-HDEF-HDAS-1.aml and SSDT-HDMI-HD530.aml not loading.

Add to config.plist/ACPI/SortedOrder

Reply with new files.

Cannot open DSDT.aml, SSDT-1.aml or SSDT-2.aml (MaciASL/Jan 22015)

HD530: hda-gfx injection does not appear in IGPU@2

980: HDMI codec does not appear in IOReg/DCPIManager


Reattached the files, hope you can open them.

-SSDT-HDEF-HDAS-2 for audio

-SSDT-HDMI-NVIDIA-PEG0 for discrete GPU (no HDMI audio on Intel HD530)

-SSDT1 (extracted) to inject graphics.

-Had to rename GFX0 into IGPU in all tables to not get into conflict with GFX0 from SSDT-HDMI-NVIDIA-PEG0



-Hda-gfx showing on GFX0


-HDAU not showing up in ioreg (never succeded to make it show up no matter what i do)

-No nvidia Codec showing up (intel unknown one instead, my laptop doesn't control HDMI audio through onboard -intel-, Discrete is the one that controls it, so i should have an NVIDIA codec showing up instead of an Intel one).


Any idea what is causing the above problems ?

In Topic: El Capitan AppleHDA HDMI Audio

18 October 2016 - 08:26 PM

Hi Toleda,

My Hardware:

Alienware 15 r2 (chipset hm170, Audio CA0132, CPU Intel 6820HK, Graphics Intel HD530 + Nvidia GTX 980m (Optimus)

What i did so far:

-Corrected all ACPI tables (DSDT and SSDTs)

-Renamed all GFX0 to IGPU

-Used vanilla Applehda from Sierra

-Used Layout-id=1

-Applied your patch to the DSDT (AMI-HD6000-AMD-NVIDIA-A1) but removed tasks 2/3/4 in the patch).  I already have the HDEF section and the intel graphics is injected through Clover when needed.

-I disabled the IntelHD injection from clover and i am only using the Nvidia web driver.


For Some reason the only 2nd codec that shows up is an intel one (as in the screenshot) whereas the HDMI video/audio out is solely controled by the discrete graphics card.  Also, the HDAU device is not showing up in ioreg.


I included the following files:

-DSDT (patched with the above ) + SSDTs that are related to the graphics

-Original ACPI tables (DSDT and SSDTs) corrected from errors but no patches applied.


-Screenshot of DPCImanager

-Copy of Ioreg


Please let me know if anything is wrong.

In Topic: Creative CA0132 (G1.Sniper M3) patch for AppleHDA or VoodooHDA

18 October 2016 - 12:49 AM


You can try a kext i've made available at first post, as usual set the layout-id to 0. Also remove all other audio related patches like voodoohda, applehdadisabler......


So far i know the layout-id does not matter for HDMI. If you have an internal graphics card, add the provided code to your DSDT.aml @_DSM method to device HDEF and IGPU, for an external card to GFX0 and HDAU.

 Buffer (0x0A)

Thanks for your feedback on this.Can you please let me know the changes that you made to the kext (binary patches, Layout0 and platform modifications) so that i can replicate them on the latest applehda.kext (on 10.12) ?

As i mentioned, the kext that worked for me was the DP8 version attached at post 319 of this thread.

THank you in advance.

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