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HP Pavilon dv9008nr

07 March 2007 - 04:00 PM

Any one was able to install on dv9008nr? and what version.
10.4.8 I have a problem with hd detection.Did found my USH hd,but could not boot from.

Downloading OS

07 March 2007 - 12:15 PM

I read a strong words against downloading OS.We are living of a world of faste technology change.What was good 6month ago become absolite.The paychek still some. I have HP Pavilon(dv9008nr) and I am using XP because of some software I have to use and are not available in Unix based distro.I would like to ask a serious question -what it is wrong with the concept of shareware.Try before you buy.
Because of that concept I spend a lot of money on software I really like and performed good.
Yes.Apple spend a lot of money to develop OS X and they will be able to make more if we all could evaulate freely the OS and see if work on current hardware.There is absolutely no harm done to Apple while we are evaulating(read: attempt to run OS on some strange hardware).
If I could successfully install and run this OS - you bet your butt that I will purchase a licence.
Apple - do not get upset that we are experimenting with this OS.You get free beta testing and possibility of making of more money.
Hell,you my even kick Microsoft butt.Thank you.

DV9008nr bios

07 March 2007 - 11:39 AM

First worning about flashing your bios v.2.7.It will criple your computer.You will not be able to install MAC OS X(Microsoft sneak attack).
I found out about when I tryied to use a dos boot disk(Hirens).My mouse and keyboard was not recognize.
I wasted 5 dvd with burn osx.I could not get to run install.I contacted the HP on line technician(chat) and asked for link to download the previous version of bios. I was assured twice that I can not revert the bios to older version.That was wrong answer.After few min of hesitation I was given a link to download the olde version of bios.I downloaded,flushed and works fine.Got my computer back and was able to run installation of OS X 10.4.8. That version it is no good. It will not recognize the HD. I installed on external(USB)HD,but can not boot.
I strongly believe in shareware - try before you buy.If I like - I buy, if not- trow into garbage can.
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