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In Topic: Downloading OS

09 March 2007 - 12:32 PM

To easy your all Mac lovers concern.I installed,runned,looked at and wiped out.That is it.Mac it is not about the software - it is the hardware what make that computer different.You can never make a Mac out of PC.I did for curiosity and fun.I learned a lot in past few weeks.Unlike others - I installed on external USB HD and boot from that HD. No dual boot or emulation.I did not mess-up my XP and I will stick with.I have some external hardware what I need to use and works only in windows.XP64 it is good OS and outrun Mac any time of day.The iMovie it is no match for Vegas Video and Apple do not have a software that come even close to Super Mask Pro.Running 64bit OS - why would I want to go back to 32bit.Have a fun all and good luck(you going do need that).

In Topic: Works, but whats the point?

09 March 2007 - 01:01 AM

I have dv9008nr and was able to install the 10.4.8, but still have some problems.Trying to work it out. I have Vista64 and works very good.I did some video editing in past and was using Sony Vegas Video what I really like.I am editing photos now and found out that even 32bit app works faster in Vista64.
The only reason I installed a Mac OS to see how it works.
To be honest - I do not think that I will be running to the computer store to buy a Mac any time soon.With 64bit Vista app comming out more I will get full power of my laptop.Just experimenting to see if will work.

In Topic: Downloading OS

09 March 2007 - 12:37 AM

Experimenting it is a key to understanding.If people will not experiment with something we will be still trowing a sticks and stones at each other(I personally preffer that over nuke).The reason Apple relised this version OS to give Mac users accsess to Microsoft software.It was decision to "go with the flow or die".
Yes.Vista have a problems, but so the win2000 when come out and XP.I wait in line when Warp come out.Spend over a $100 bucks for and could not give away 2 weeks latter.Trash can. Windows ME was a bummer too.Vista 64 on my computer works fine, just not enough software at this time.
When I bought my 32bit motherboard I was still running 16bit software.Vista will kill Mac and Apple saw this.Wise bussiness decision.
It is easy to write OS and other software for properiaty hardware (like another user said), but with PC more difficult.
I am not complaining about the Microsoft, just want to see if I can make work a Mac on my laptop.
If Apple feel so strong - why they made OS for Intel?

In Topic: HP Pavilon dv9008nr

09 March 2007 - 12:19 AM

Update.The Install will not recognize my internal hd.I hook up external USB and found it.Installed went ok.After boot the internal keybord do not work.Hook up external USB and work.Graphic 1024X768 max.Touchpad works.Look like the wireless work.Did not tested internal LAN.Sound do not work.
Distro fro some nasty girls 10.4.8. 10.4.7 mess-up.Some files missing.
Got 10.4.3 and will test latter.Kind of like the layout of destop and icons.Icon animation works fine.
will update latter.

In Topic: Downloading OS

07 March 2007 - 03:51 PM

That it is the reason the Apple relise Intel support in OS.The finaly realise that selling hardware only do not pay. Gates found out that long time ago and made a fortune selling OS and software.Apple trying to get into Microsoft bussiness -I would.
I repeat again -we all are evaulating a piece of software - not a stealing.If I have a Apple software and download a software for that computer and do not pay for licence - yes that will be stealing.
What we all are dealing with it is software not design for hardware we have and we are trying to make it work.
I do not have Apple computer. What I have it is HP Pavilon dv9008nr and experimenting with knowing that there it is slim chance that I will ever mak it working.
That it is not stealin. That is doing a Apple favor. I will not be supprise if Apple will start relising patches for another hardware.
They will make more money by selling OS and other software.
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