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In Topic: Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

09 August 2009 - 07:30 PM

Yes! 8 years!!.. and how can you say things haven't improved!!... just because GDI is slow(according to me its not)!!
there are tons of drawbacks!.. but they don't negate the features!..
Its not just building a faster OS.. Its about evolution as a whole!...
As for application incompatibility.. or apps being slower!.. Yes I have to agree!.. on that!!..

But again the question is why are they getting slow!???..
There's lot more to to take care in case of vista/7... than in case of XP. Incase of vista the windows are rendered much more smoothly and perfectly than in case of XP... Not all components are rendered through GDI!.. The glass or Aero part in Vista and 7 is rendered differently than rest of the window..
Plus there are a lot of old APIs which though are supported by Vista.. but their implementation internally is not same as it was in XP or before..A lot of applications simply don't support Aero.. they switch to standard theme!.. but their new versions work just as they would on XP.
One thing for sure is that Microsoft is having tough time balancing between Hardware Acceleration and CPU rendering(software) as there are still a lot of machines out there that simply don't have enough graphic power!

I would not say that, Windows at the moment is perfect!!.. but its exciting to see the development thats going on!.. It's come a long way since the Vista RC1... which was slower than XP running in a virtual machine... to "7" which actually promises to bring the performance back.. without losing frills of Vista!...

Also just finished writing code for my app(InSight Desktop Search)... and had tough time getting the animations right!.. in lot of cases XP would render the app in 15 ms while Vista on same machine would do it in about 2-5 ms!!..
Also controls flicker while we hover another window over the application in case of XP.. while in Vista its smooth!!.. So as far as I have experienced..Its better in Vista/7!.

And I have read whatever thats there on this post!.. and again GDI is not rendered by hardware!!

As per your posted Videos:
*Cpu usage being higher is also due to the fact that.. as we scroll HDD is being accessed and that involves CPU!!!!!!!!!!
We have not actually considered what happening when we scroll?? Is it just drawing of icons...?????
leaving everything else aside.. just considering the fact that icons in case of vista are having "png" compression thus better support for alpha channel..CPU hike can be expected!!!!!
*There are just a few GDI features that support hardware acceleration!!!!.
*As of what I know..listbox..panels..etc are controls are rendered through CPU only!(not considering WPF Apps and DirectX rendered controls)
Also GUI(controls) are more graphically complex in case of Vista/7

The only point I want to make is that!... its about time that hardware acceleration reaches every part of whats being drawn on screen..And at same time not just compare it with XP!.. Its not that XP had hardware acceleration and Vista/7 don't!!!
I think a fare comparison would be if we create a test that only involves the drawing capability of GDI!..

In Topic: Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

09 August 2009 - 01:57 PM

Why do we keep comparing VISTA/7 with XP!!????....XP is almost 8 years old now!!.... When XP was released back in 2001-2002 it faced same criticism that vista/7 face today!.. They didn't like the theme.. thought 128 MB ram was too much to ask!

And I can definitely say that Vista/7 are faster when GDI is concerned.. just try the following tests->
1)Create a form with visual studio with 50% opacity. try resizing it by code and measure the time taken using a stopwatch(system.diagnostics) and then compare it in Vista.
2) create a form with some background image and add about 50 labels with transparent background. Try refreshing them and match the time!

Also the icons in Vista are using PNG compression.. thus making the whole process even more resource hungry..
Whether its XP or Vista..GDI was always rendered through CPU..
GPU comes into the picture only with Direct X.

Biggest problem in Vista is the background indexing... System really gets a big boost by switching that off!.
And XP has to boot faster!.. Its running on a machine almost 12-20 times the power that it was originally meant to run!
Try windows 98,it would run even faster!!!

Also check out Leopard on a macbook with GMA 950 GPU.. You can see a lag in the dock animation and also the genie effects!!

Its easy to complain and criticize things!.. Windows has got so many options for a developer!..If you want your application to be graphic intensive then its wise to use WPF!!..And if thats not enough use DirectX to render your components!

In Topic: InSight Desktop Search 2!

21 July 2009 - 03:27 AM

Common guys!....Please try it out atleast......

In Topic: Please Reinstall: <Windows roof>\system 32\hal.dll

19 July 2009 - 05:12 PM

It is a problem caused by boot.ini!!...spent hours trying to correct this problem while trying to create a usb boot disk for xp....and had a lot of trouble with this error!....but was eventually just a corrupt boot.ini...

In Topic: New InSight Desktop Search for Windows

19 February 2009 - 06:20 PM

this thing not works on my windows 7 64 bit
so :wacko:

Hey....thanks for trying....the version works perfectly with 32 bit version of windows 7...
The problem is due to the directx dll files included with InSight Setup...
Try deleting them from "Program Files\InSight" folder and it should work!!...
This is one problem we had overlooked...They are needed for systems with XP installed...
could u please try it for me!!...Thanks.!!
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