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HD4000 garbles movie previews in iTunes

07 November 2012 - 04:35 AM

I have two desktops (i3-3225 and i5-3570k) using HD4000 as the one and only graphic output source. They are enabled with DSDT/EFI strings each and configured to "AAPL,ig-platform-id" = <00006605> both. They are connected to LCD displays (LG 27" and ASUS 22") with HDMI/DVI cables each. Everything goes fine until I tried to see some movie previews with iTunes. Once I clicked the preview button, the preview window was filled with colorful squares and mosaic sprites, just like undecoded HDMI outputs on older LCD displays without HDCP supports. With the same LCD displays connected, my notebook using NV9600GT had quite normal movie preview windows without a glitch.

Because the desktop HD4000 worked greatly if not using iTunes, I had no idea what happened eventually. Other players such as QTW, Flip4Mac, Flash, MplayerX, or even PPS had normal decoding behaviors and excellent video outputs, only iTunes screwed me up. Is there anbody having the same problems just like me? Can something be done to fix it? Many, many thanks if any one can help!! :thumbsup_anim:

PS: I am pretty sure that I had double-checked the DSDT/EFI strings configurations to be correctly settled...

Is VoodooHDA.prefPane not compatible with ML?

23 February 2012 - 05:44 AM

I had tried many versions of VoodooHDA.prefPane, and the only one working on the ML is the 64-bit Snow Leopard version. But it cannot find the correct channels for each sound devices on ML, thus it is not usable.

My codec is ALC663, which is not compatible with any existing codec. Only the VoodooHDA 2.7.3 can make it functional, and VoodooHDA.prefPane is necessary to initialize its mic input. AppleHDA modification is not working on this codec. Is there any 64-bit version of VoodooHDA.prefPane other than the Snow Leopard version existing?

[HALF SOLVED]NV9650mGT: Please help me with getting the correct display-cfg for Mountai...

21 February 2012 - 04:58 AM

The NV9650mGT graphic card on my notebook Asus L50Vn worked really good through 10.6 to 10.7 using chameleon+dsdt to get full QE/CI in the past 2 years. However, after the successful installation of ML it gives me a black LVDS screen while the VGA output being as normal as usual on the external monitor. I had tried many ways to make it work but all of them failed including EFI injection, natit, replacement with older drivers, Chameleon GraphicEnabler, and dsdt modifications. I also tried various combinations of these procedures but nothing changed. I had read the posts in our nVidia section about the display-cfg, NVCAP and NVMT injections and tried lots of possible values in the dsdt to make the LVDS work, still in vain. :-(

I also found many successful  cases reporting easy support of the ML nVidia cards with simply enabling the Chameleon GraphicEnabler=YES. Now I am very sure that the black LVDS is a display-cfg problem. If you ML winners can post your display-cfg examples for me or give me any suggestion about modifying the NV9650mGT display-cfg, I will appreciate that. Please help me with the NV9650mGT display-cfg and many, many thanks!!

Best regards


Need Macbook Pro 5,5 SMC keys, Please help!

27 November 2011 - 09:52 AM

Hi folks,

I had searched all over the internet for more than a week, but I can only find the wrong version of Macbook Pro 5,5 smc keys on some forums. These are what I had found:

#KEY [ui32] 44 (bytes 00 00 01 2c)
$Adr [ui32] 0 (bytes 00 00 03 00)
$Num [ui8 ] 1 (bytes 01)
+LKS [flag] (bytes 07)
ACBR [flag] (bytes 00)
ACCL [ui8 ] 0 (bytes 00)
ACEN [ui8 ] 1 (bytes 01)
ACFP [flag] (bytes 01)
ACIC [ui16] 16 (bytes 0e 10)
ACID [ch8*] (bytes ba e2 28 b5 c0 03 10 02)
ACIN [flag] (bytes 01)
ACLM [ui8 ] 85 (bytes 55)
AL! [ui16] 0 (bytes 00 00)
ALA0 [{ala] (bytes ca 1e ff d6 02 d9)
ALA1 [{ala] (bytes 30 a4 02 1f 03 15)
ALA2 [{ala] (bytes 0c ea 02 d4 03 96)
ALA3 [{ala] (bytes 03 89 03 61 03 dc)
ALA4 [{ala] (bytes 00 ee 03 bc 04 00)
ALA5 [{ala] (bytes 04 fc ff f3 04 00)
ALAT [{alt] (bytes 00 2b 03 08)
ALI0 [{ali] (bytes 04 00 0f 00)
ALI1 [{ali] (bytes 00 00 00 00)
ALP0 [ui16] 128 (bytes 13 33 10 80)
ALP1 [ui16] 0 (bytes 00 00 00 00)
ALRV [ui16] 1 (bytes 00 01)
ALSC [{alc] (bytes 00 c8 00 96 03 e8 00 0f 00 01 01 5e 1d 03 01 06)
ALSF [fp1f] (bytes 80 00)
ALSL [ui16] 69 (bytes 03 45)
ALT0 [ui16] 0 (bytes 00 00)
ALT1 [ui16] 0 (bytes 00 00)
ALTH [{alr] (bytes 00 32 00 70 02 52 00 14 00 41)
ALV0 [{alv] (bytes 01 01 0a 22 04 c4 00 d1 4d 6e)
ALV1 [{alv] (bytes 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)
AUPO [ui8 ] 0 (bytes 00)
B0AC [si16] (bytes 00 00)
B0AV [ui16] 215 (bytes 30 d7)
B0Ad [ui16] 0 (bytes 00 00)
B0Al [ui16] 255 (bytes ff ff)
B0Am [ui8 ] 16 (bytes 10)
B0Ar [ui8 ] 0 (bytes 00)
B0As [ui8 ] 0 (bytes 00)
B0At [ui16] 96 (bytes 09 60)
B0Au [ui16] 96 (bytes 09 60)
B0Az [ui8 ] 0 (bytes 00)

As you all can see, the "#KEY" is "00 00 01 2c" which means 300 keys. But the recording scripts used by the buddy providing these keys seemed to truncate the leading 0x01, and only 0x2c (=44) keys are returned!! I need the other 256 keys to fine-tune the AppleSMC.kext, but I cannot find it after all the searches.

Can anybody help me with the full version of Macbook Pro 5,5 smc keys? Thank you very much!!

Best regards

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