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4-port Marvell 88se9215-based card: Would it work?

08 February 2014 - 12:47 PM

My question is simple. I stumble upon a PCIe card that supports four SATA 3 drives for just $50. It's 88se9215-based, which is not confirmed to work under OS X.

I've read that 91xx works OOB, but what about 92xx series. Anyone with experience?

ICH8R Hardware RAID possible?

22 June 2013 - 05:46 AM

Successfully installed Mavericks on my system in a day, now I'm wondering if hardware RAID is possible.


I'm running my machine on an old P5B Deluxe board which has an ICH8R south bridge which supports RAID.


Currently my system only boots with AHCI option, I'm wondering if RAID will be possible?



Error with IOBluetoothHCIController using myHack method

18 June 2013 - 06:45 PM

I used myHack to create a bootable copy of Mavericks, and then the first time I boot it up, it showed me this:


RTC:Only sin


And ya, I have no idea what it is, and so I googled it around, and found out it's part of a bigger sentence. People say the fix is to use DSDT=DSDT.fake


All right, so it boots a little more, but then i bumped into [PCI... start], of course, npci=something would fix it, I opted for 0x2000 which always fix the issue for me.


The problem I'm facing now is this


**** [IOBluetoothHCIController][SearchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!


All right, it still boots after stuck there for a few minutes or so, and then a white screen presents itself.


I have no idea whether it will then boot or not, I'll be waiting. But I think the chances are pretty slim.


If you need additional information, please comment, I'll reply ASAP.





ASUS P5B Deluxe (P965)

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 (the older revisions without VT-x)

6 GB DDR-800 (2x2 + 2x1)

nVidia GTX 660TI


P.S. My system is O.C.ed, I will reset to default and tell you guys what happened.

P.P.S. I've then tried switching graphics card, PciRoot = 1, none of that work




It boots with a older GT 5xx, it's a entry-level card with DDR3.


I have no idea what happened, but the things I mentioned above still hold true. I do have to boot with "-v npci=0x2000", I still see that bluetooth thing, and I did wait a few minutes.


Now I see a beach ball spinning on a white screen, and hear my hard drive spinning. I'll just give it a few more minutes, or hours maybe. (turns out it's fan.)




Using -v -f npci=0x2000 solve the problem


I'll keep this thread open for more update, and then after it's all done, I'll then update it to a better-structured story and figure out more details in the spirit of science (if I have the time)

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