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In Topic: Desktop Android

04 October 2015 - 05:49 AM

It has a lot of potential, but the issue is still the same as with standard Linux: it needs money and some killer consumer features to win the market share. Money in order to convince OEMs it's worth it, and consumer features so that people will actually want to buy it over OS X and Windows.


If Google were to head up the project, then it won't have money issues. But that would mean they would need to get off their ChromeOS hobby horse in order to develop a desktop Android, and I'm not so confident they'll do that.


The one consumer feature I can think of is tight Android phone integration, similar to iOS and OS X. However, that would mean they would have to develop a system that would work with all the (very fragmented) forks of Android developed by mobile OEMs.


All in all, there would need to be an appeal for a large following in order to gain market share. Without it it's in the same boat as Linux and all other minor OS'es.


As for GUI...that's all dependent on the developers. I've seen really pretty Android interfaces and really ugly ones too.

In Topic: 30 years of the technologie's evolution

14 August 2015 - 04:11 PM

I love how the stuff that has disappeared in this picture reflects reality. I use most of it daily, except the alarm clock, the pen and paper, and the lovely picture of my cat that invades my home everyday.


Too bad most of the young people, at least here in the Netherlands, learn by using an iPad...We played outside.

We where thought to write on a piece of paper, nowadays they learn how to type.

Why do math?                             The computer can do it for us.

Why learn a foreign language?    We have translators.

Why learn where Tokyo is?          We got Maps. 


Technology has not done us well the past 20 years. 

First of all, hope you're doing well, pal. Been a while since we've chatted. :)


Personally, as one about to go into making new technology in the near future, I love all the new tech advances and I always support them for what they are. However, that doesn't mean that said advances should be used without wisdom. :) I think too many people forget that with more capability comes more responsibility. For example, with the World Wide Web we have an incredible resource of information that no other generation of humans has known, but we also have to sift through the information and determine/decide which should be considered valid or not. That takes an incredible level of critical thinking and discernment.


We aren't used to technology progressing so fast - 30 years is not a long time. Five of my siblings are over that age. We've gotten so excited about what our tech is capable of that we forget how to operate it wisely in context of our daily lives. Our lives are more than computers or social media, even if some of us behave as though they are the only things that exist. ;)


Everyone should periodically take a step back and look objectively at the whole situation: look at how much we have to be grateful for! Look at how much we can do now! I must handle all these things even more carefully now, because so much is at stake! I need to learn how to handle all this capability with wisdom.


One might say I'm taking this to far, philosophically. But I believe it is of the utmost importance. 


(Side note: these are all my personal views, I am not speaking on behalf of the staff or the site).

In Topic: A new guideline for our forum.

12 August 2015 - 11:17 PM

Let me make it clear: this is not a hard-and-fast rule that will be strictly enforced. This is, as the title says, a guideline. We will only edit posts when there are extreme cases of illegibility.

In Topic: iMac (24 2008) keep or sell?

02 August 2015 - 02:49 AM

I personally like the 24" size, it gives more real estate than the 21" but it doesn't take up as much as 27".


As far as using it for a basic productivity/study machine, it's more than suited for the task. Personally I'd throw an SSD in there, you wouldn't believe the performance increase (I did it in my late '08 MBP), even with SATA II. With an SSD you'd think it were a newer machine.


I wouldn't sell it unless you've already got money saved, the most you'll probably get if it's stock specs is $650 or so. Maybe less these days. I'd keep it and use it if you aren't using it intensely.

In Topic: Install Snow Leopard on ANY PC for ANYBODY! Includes Windows dual-boot.

15 June 2015 - 09:47 PM

Hi Joon, I'll have to look into that. I haven't touched SL in a while. :)


What is the PCI ID listed for your southbridge?

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