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In Topic: Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition

03 July 2014 - 05:47 PM

I think the function keys are related to the same kext that drives the touchpad if I remember correctly. I'll see if I can find it.

By the way, I would avoid Yosemite for the time being if you were still thinking about it. Once it's released though you should have the same compatibility as Mavericks.

In Topic: OS X 10.10 Yosemite unveiled

04 June 2014 - 08:08 PM

At least we should be happy they did it not the way Microsoft did .... or else we would have the OS X equivalent of Win8 .... shudder ...

At least OS X has curves!! :D


I suppose that could be taken multiple ways... :P

In Topic: OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

04 June 2014 - 07:28 PM

@theconnactic, don't know if you're still getting that installer error, but that has to do with the way the installer was created. I ran into that with Mavericks. I'll have to look back to see how I fixed it.


@Zetch, that's because you didn't copy all the pkg files to the installer so it's trying to download everything.

In Topic: OS X 10.10 Yosemite unveiled

04 June 2014 - 06:59 PM

What really pisses me off though is that most of the new features in Yosemite are targeted towards iOS users.

And as a strictly-Android type of person, that means this new update is just a pack of bloat that I'll never use.
I just hope all those new "features" don't hog the system resources.

And don't get me started on the transparency... JEEEZ

Well, the motivation is simple: they are trying to blur the border as much as possible between mobile and desktop. So they are going to integrate their systems as much as possible. But I'm sure you know that. :)


I'll be honest, what is mentioned about a seemingly less restricted nature of iOS 8 could convince me to possibly jump ship to an iPhone, if the hardware is good enough. But I'm not sure, if anything I'd probably wait another year. I'm loving my Xperia Z1S. It would take a lot for me to abandon Android altogether, I've grown to enjoy the OS greatly.


The transparency is debatable, but for me it all depends on the usability of the transparent UI.


Funny you're railing about bloat you'll never use. That's like the definition of Android. Why wouldn't/shouldn't Apple design it's software to all work together? It's a natural continuation of their products. If you want OS X to work seamlessly with Android you're in for a long, long wait, and then utter disappointment.

It's not the definition of Android, more like the definition of Samsung. I don't know what their problem is. Google phones are a lot better, as are the newer Sony phones. It's kind of like Windows: Windows itself is very simple, it's the manufacturers that bog everything down. Some are better than others both in phones and PCs.


Well, if I compare iOS 6 and 7 (I often have bothing running side by side), iOS6 feels like old cheese now ... just the same thing when I now look at the original Aqua Design from 2001. I mean striped backgrounds for menus? Again, just decor, and in this case even with negative usability impact. brrrrrr.


And there is another reason: if I do away with superfluous decoration, I can do a more clean and efficient design - which is good for usability. Just imagine a row of Icons. One time just the icons, in the other case with an additional beveled 3D border, dropshadow and whatnot. So, in the latter case, my interface is way more cluttered and also takes a good amount of extra space. Especially with complex UIs this can be a crucial point.

Oh, striped menus... :P


But you make a good point. In my case in particular, I was taken aback by iOS 7 when it was released. However, being a fairly faithful updater, I decided to give it a shot on my iPad, and now it feels natural. iOS 6 does seem dated and odd now, while iOS 7 feels just right. Which is really, really weird for me to say because I always prefer a 3D look (NOT skeumorphism per sé, but just the 3D look + shadows). And, again, Yosemite turns me off. But if/when I update, I will probably grow very accustomed to it.


On an educational note, it is easy to understand this whole move if you understand Jony Ive. I recently read a biography of Ive which was very insightful, I suggest you all who can obtain it to read it. Kahney goes into details of the design schools in Britain, and there was one thing in common: utter simplicity, no frills. For example, one entry exercise given to new students was to arrange furniture of simple defined shapes (pyramid, sphere, cube, etc.) in a square room in such a way that it could convey different emotions. They were taught to design something functional that would communicate a single feeling in the simplest way, which was often quite abstract. And, if you think about it from a design perspective, iOS 7 was a simplification: everything is flat, nothing out of place or without function, and laid in a geometric, abstract way. Perfectly in line with British industrial design thinking.


In addition, Jony designed everything in white. :D Says a lot not only about iOS 7, but all the white computers Apple produced between 2001-2009. (Thank the Lord Almighty that he didn't love beige...)


All this not to convince everyone to like this, I personally like a 3D look from a consumer's aesthetic perspective, but just to help everyone understand why Apple is going this direction. :) In fact, because Jobs and Ive were so closely knit, honestly if Jobs had placed Ive in the software design position he is in now (which may have happened) then it is very likely that the interfaces could have gone this direction anyway. I don't think everything's happening because Jobs is gone.

In Topic: Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition

01 June 2014 - 01:28 AM

Sorry I've been away. If your touchpad kext worked on the USB installer, there's no reason why it wouldn't work for your installation. If you install it with Kext Utility or similar you should be good to go.


NullCPUPowerManagement cannot provide sleep, it only nullifies your AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext so it doesn't throw a panic. I'd have to do some research on what to do for your machine, but my guess would be that you would need to do some DSDT edits. That's how it worked on my machine.

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