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In Topic: xCode 4.1 Crashes on Virtualised OSX Lion

06 November 2011 - 02:00 PM


Do not download the Updates through the Apple Update service. It kills the Virtual image. I learnt the hard way :(

In Topic: xCode 4.1 Crashes on Virtualised OSX Lion

19 August 2011 - 01:48 AM

Its not at all hard to find if you use Google. There are 100's of links to it.
Search the Keywords, Lion Retail vdmk.. it can't be any easier.

In Topic: xCode 4.1 Crashes on Virtualised OSX Lion

10 August 2011 - 02:39 PM

Worked now, thank you :)

So... final reason, xCode 4.1 not compatible with Lion GM (Golden Master), must use Lion Retail.

Bingo. The Retail version is a lot better I find too.
A little slower, but much more polished.

In Topic: xCode 4.1 Crashes on Virtualised OSX Lion

07 August 2011 - 01:56 PM

Ok, So I found the problem - but it's not an Quick Fix..

The VMware image found in this Tutorial:
[moderator edit: link removed due to rules violation]
is actually the image of OSX Lion GM, not Lion Retail.

The xCode downloaded from that same tutorial is titled as GM, but does not work with that specific build of OSX. Maybe it did before it was updated to that build.

So I went ahead and found a retail .vdmk floating around the Internet.

I used that to make my own VMware image, fresh install.

To do so you simply Create a new Virtual Machine, Choose 2GB Ram, XXGB Hard Drive size, etc & Create the VM.
In the main screen, click Edit the configuration and add another hard-drive with the downloaded .vdmk attached.

Follow the on screen instructions to install. Make sure you use the disk utilities to format your virtual hard-drive first!

Installation took around 1 hour to install (it hangs on 5/4 minutes remaining for around 20 minutes), and another 30 mins to configure (make sure you download the VGA/Audio Drivers found here to get better resolution and audio working)

Go into the AppStore and install xCode.
xCode is free for Apple ID's linked to developer accounts, which is free too. Click here and click "Members Center" to register your apple ID as Developer

xCode took around 2 hours to download, and around 30 minutes to install. It's got a nice new installer too which kills the iTunesHelper before starting
(But you should make sure you check that iTunesHelper is killed before starting the installation using Activity monitor)

xCode should launch once finished installing and work flawlessly!

Hope this helps someone!

In Topic: xCode 4.1 Crashes on Virtualised OSX Lion

04 August 2011 - 01:09 PM

Exact same problem, here's what I've done with no avail:

Xcode from TPB, remove with Sudo, Xcode from App Store, remove with Sudo, Xcode from App Store on fresh VM, remove with Sudo, cleared cache files, Xcode from App Store.

Right now I've made a new Admin account and am installing on there.

Edit: Looks like I've got the solution! You have to uninstall Xcode, make a new administrator account, shut down, open that new account, install Xcode by going into /Applications/Install Xcode/

Should start up automatically once it's done :)

Also didn't work for me..
Yes, I'd love to know a solution!
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