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[How-To] Remove the DVD bezel on a G5

06 March 2013 - 03:13 AM

Thanks to Baudouin for explaining this originally.

Ok here is a photo guide and short tutorial

The pop-down DVD window is held in place by an aluminum shroud which is in turn held in place by four tabs. If you look at the first photo I have labeled the tabs 1-4. All of the tabs must be popped out of place if you want to remove the DVD window. The bottom tabs (1,3) have to be pushed in farther than the top tabs (2,4). I found it is better to loose one side and then the other. Once all four tabs are out you can slide the entire assembly out. Once out you can easily remove the aluminum shroud. Reinstalling the DVD window is as simple as following a reverse of the above listed proceedure.

DISCUSSION OF [How-To] Remove DVD Bezel on G5 Powermac

15 February 2013 - 07:08 PM

This tutorial has been moved to the [HOW-TO]s subforum above. This thread is for the discussion of the above tutorial. If you have any comments to add to the tutorial, please do so here.


Anyone know how in the world to remove the aluminum shielding that goes around the pop down dvd bay? I can see the aluminum shielding has two clips on the bottom that pop out but I can't seem to get it out and don't want to bend it.

Photo attached of what I'm talking about. Thanks.

G5 // Legacy

05 February 2013 - 12:21 PM


Posted Image

// concept image //

Two months ago I had never heard of a G5 case being modded. Now here I am, attempting my own. :) I've read through about every mod on here and other sites so in some ways I feel like I'm just rehashing what's been done ad nauseum. Hopefully I can give back to the community with some new ideas. Also, this is going to be an "open source" project. What I mean is that any custom parts or cuts I make I will be providing schematics for anyone else to use. I don't know CAD but I know Adobe Illustrator and you can save CAD files from it. So, for example. I'll be designing a custom top shelf and PSU holder. Once those designs are finalized and I know they work/fit I'll be posting them here.

At this point I have to thank:
Bonestonne, Mr. D, eep357, and WhattheTech for their invaluable help and advice already.

I'm going to attempt a few things with this mod:
1) Keep original IO ports
2) repurpose DVD bay by using a slot loading DVD above it
3) Keep a very similar layout to the original G5 but take ideas from the Mac Pro
4) Extremely clean inside and cable management
5) Perhaps a glowing false floor e.g. MurderMod
6) Reuse as much of the original parts as possible
7) Near silent operation
8) Relocate power plug from bottom to top
9) glowing trim like Tron. Though the painting part will come last. Perhaps will use glow in the dark paint, or EL strips.
10) Some custom holders for the PSU, a free standing easily removed motherboard tray, and upper shelf covers (similar to Mac Pro)

Some problems:
1) starting Feb 15th I'm going to have very little free time for five weeks as I help the company I work for relocate
2) I really have no experience AT ALL cutting metal, wiring, etc, etc. I wasn't going to make a thread until I was nearly finished but I realized I'm going to have a lot of questions so I should ask people that would know

So, let's dive in.

The rear IO ports.
I only would use the USB ports the rest I'll bring online as I need them and will be using the original receptacles kept in place. For the USB ports I've found these wonderful ports:
Link to ebay product.
The metal tabs on the outward face keep the port from being pushed into the G5 case and if you push up some of the metal tabs used to grab a USB device they will keep the port from being pulled out. I had it in and tested it and it worked perfectly but I forgot to take photos. :( Silly me. I did take a photo of my "solder your own USB 3.0 cable" test:

Posted Image

In the end I'll probably make the back two USB ports 2.0 (just four wires to solder instead of nine). I'm making my own cables so I can bridge the gap between the motherboard IO ports and the G5 IO ports with a cable that is the perfect length. I'll heatshrink and then sleeve these. I'm also going to be covering the motherboard IO ports attractively because I hate how shiny metal they are. :P

The DVD drive.
So I bought a GA31N slot loading DVD drive from a Dell XPS 13. It's the exact same drive called "super drive" by Apple. Instead of having to make my own custom case for it (just to keep it looking good) I bought this cheap but effective thing:

Posted Image

I'm still deciding final placement. Either at the top above the original DVD opening or sideways next to the front ports.

Keeping the inside similar.
Here's a test fitting (ignore the cardboard they are raising the motherboard up to the right level, still trying to nail down how high motherboard needs to be raised.

Looking down:
Posted Image

Under the hood (shield a little crooked due to this being a rough fit in)
Posted Image

The bottom part of the case will have a false flooring where I'll have knick knacks like an LED consolidator and stuff.

Thermal design:
My most likely final design for airflow, thanks to many people who helped me with this but especially Bonestonne.

Posted Image
Cable Management design:
A simplified view of what cables and where. Red lines are power cables, green are data. Dashed lines mean cable is running behind object.

Posted Image

Holder for PSU:
So I figured out I can use the bolts that hold the inner shell of the G5 to the outer shell as part of a holder for the Power Supply. First a photo of the power supply, got a great deal on a x750 Seasonic fully modular.

Posted Image

And here is a quick drawing of my idea, basically you unscrew the bolts and the metal fits between them and the top of the case with a small "lip on the forward facing side of the holder to keep it from sliding backward. The back facing part of the holder has two metal sections that attach to the PSU, holding it in place. In this drawing I have drawn the holder bending under the PSU but I've just realized I don't need that part so pretend it's not there. I realize this is a hard to understand sketch so I'll do a roughout in sketchup in a bit.
Posted Image

Blending Mac Pro and G5:
I mentioned wanting to blend Mac Pro and G5. I'm planning on taking the idea of covers for the top shelf from the Mac Pro and creating somethin similar for this G5 mod. So for example this:

Posted Image

I have two 2 x 2.5" hotswap HD bays from Rosewill. Those would go behind the double slitted covers. I've been toying with the idea of removing the case around the two hotswap bays and building a custom backplate that would hold the sata and power connector and allow you to slide out two HDs per cover, like how the Mac Pro operates. An alternative placement for HDs would be cutting out a section of the false floor and storing them in there (they are thin enough to fit into the newly cut hole. I had mentioned in a previous thread about a power column that ran from top of the case to the bottom and hid all the power cables.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading.

Any thoughts or critiques you might have, I'm very interested in receiving them, everything right now is in a state of flexibility.

Grafting power plug from bottom to top of G5

04 February 2013 - 04:14 AM

Looking at the fitting for the plug on the G5, it looks like a careful cutting of it would let it be grafted from the bottom of the back to the top. Obviously some bondo would need to be used to get a smooth graft. Just curious if this has been done. I'm mulling it over and was looking for examples of others doing it (so I can learn from their experience) but was unable to find anything.


G5 Case and liquid coolers

23 January 2013 - 07:43 PM

As I am working through the planning and concepting part of my G5 build I decided liquid cooling is going to be the best way to go given my space constraints. I was wondering though, have any of you used liquid cooling in the G5 and if so what would you recommend? I thought it would be nice to remove the plastic backfan bracket and attach the radiator to the metal clip on part. Either that or cut out part of the G5 bottom to allow the radiator to draw in air.

So, what do you guys recommend as far as liquid coolers and what would you recommend for placement? Thanks in advance!

When I'm asking for cooler recommendations I don't mean which one works best but more of which one fits in the case well. I can use google to find out the ups and downs of each kind.
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