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Samsung NC10 vs EEEPC vs MSI WIND vs etc...

28 November 2008 - 07:55 PM

Please discuss comparisons of various netbook pcs here in this topic, please. And leave my topic to only installations/updates/modding issues only...

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Samsung NC10
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Medion Akoya vs MSI Wind

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Samsung NC10 UK revision

19 November 2008 - 10:21 PM

  • New Forum for Samsung NC10 and Combo Updates is OPENED HERE. From now one I m going to provide all the information on the new forum... Here only update news...
  • VoodooPS2 is now available in Samsung NC10 Files Section
  • VoodooHDA driver is now available in Samsung NC10 Files Section
  • Ethernet driver is now available in Samsung NC10 files section
  • TouchScreen Mod is finally done! See the video and the first impressions bought it from here but also u can buy from here
  • All files are placed in BIKE TOWN.
  • DSDT patching to fix sleep issue on power
BIKE & TOWNGUIDES Guide for Upgrading
PPF patching:

This is the simple task but requires accurate files!

1-) download original Jas 10.5.4 iso: (md5 F7E82424D6EFB474950B361DB7840C91)
2-) download jas to nc10 10.5.6 ppf:
3-) run ppf-o-matic program
3a-) ISO: your Jas iso
3b-) PPF: jas to nc10 10.5.6 ppf
3c-) press on patch! and there you will have your final ISO (md5 766E0A44E0E55CCCCB4942DBD3FC3D87)


* Correct Resolution 1024x600 works.
* Resolution change works.
* VGA out works, but with latest drivers, only desktop extension possible on 2nd monitor. To also get "clone" function, you need to install OLD FRAMEBUFFER driver from BIKE TOWN's NC10 Files Section
* Brightness control works if you use the original drivers supplied with NC10 10.5.6 iso, or OLD FB that is also patched from Bike Town. To control brightness, you will need to install additional software called "Quicksilver" and manually set up the scripts supplied with the 10.5.6 iso, or files from Bike Town. Set up process explained in Install Guide which is also in Bike Town.
* Closing the screen does not put the laptop into sleep or anything! There is a clamshell driver to make that work however it has bugs... Such as system may not be able to wake up


+ With VoodooHDA HP/Spk out and switching works seemlessly without any additional program/script
+ Only external mic works at the moment. (internal mic somehow working but only playing not recording weird...)
+ Controls are a bit complicated but once you work on it a bit, it should be no problem

Power Management:

* Battery meter works, as well as power profiles to certain degrees of functions.
* Sleep works fine on Battery only!
* Sleep works on Power adapter as well, but wakes up instantly due to some bios functions issues. A workaround is in progress...


* Bluetooth works fine and can be turned on/off anytime desired, if you install Bluetooth fix from Biketown.


+ Trackpad works great with scrolling (V/H both) if you install VoodooPS2 package
+ No multi-touch yet...


* Stock wifi does not work OTB. However, there is a workaround to get it working, but the process is painfuly bugy!
* If you want no hassle wifi, go get yourself a DELL DW 1390? or better 1490? or even better 15xx? series WIFI, and forget about worrying! These are supported by built-in drivers so will always work!


* Internal LAN (ethernet) now works... Ethernet Driver is in Samsung NC10 files section...


* Keyboard works with the supplied additional drivers. However not all the keys work as they should, due to drivers/bios issues!
* For "UK" model owners, I supplied a UK keyboard layout patch in Bike Town, which allows much better keymapping! Once installed, you need to select the UK layout from system preferences, international menu...


* Bootcamp dont work (do you expect it work? First learn what is bootcamp :) it is designed to allow macs to be able to install windows, so ask yourself? arent you able to install windows already w/o any modification? So dont bother asking for bootcamp, or get ready to be INSULTED!)

  • Endless Restart Loop after installing: This is caused by EDB setting in bios to set to disable by default or after bios update. EDB setting should be set to ENABLE to fix this issue. To understand this better, check the very first page of the PDF Guide v2 !!! This has been mentioned in the guide but ignored/skipped by many users!!!
  • After the first installation finished and restart will not find bootloader (blinking cursor): There is a bootloader however after first install active partition does not get recognized, therefore boot process stops. To fix this: At restart, press F4 to go to recovery console, and press ESC without making any changes! This will fix the problem... More details are already given in the guide, if you read it carefully...
  • Touch screen installation-guide
  • VoodooHDA driver integration
More will come shortly...

Donations are Welcomed and Donators will receive additional care/priority/exclusive stuff which i will not name atm... :)
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