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Another "Still waiting for root device"

20 December 2013 - 01:39 PM

I am running an AMD processor, but I expect this isn't causing the issue.


I know this is an incredibly common issue, and usually there's a simple AHCI fix to get it working, but after reading up a little about my motherboard I'm a little stumped.


My motherboard (signature) has six 6gb/s SATA ports, and two 3gb/s SATA ports.

Up until now I had my SATA ports back to front (I thought I had six 3gb/s ports), so I've been running my harddrive off of my 6gb/s port, but the install went through absolutely fine.


Now it's installed it's giving me the "Still waiting for root device" error.

AHCI is set by default on my harddrive, but I've been into the BIOS to have a look - it's definitely set.

I've unplugged all other SATA cables, and USB cables, still getting the error.


Now I've figured out I had my ports back to front, I've hooked up my harddrive to the 3gb/s port but my motherboard just isn't picking it up - obviously a motherboard issue but I've no idea what.


Is the 6gb/s port causing the "still waiting" error? If so, is there any way to get the 6gb/s port working, or do I need to find out what's wrong with my 3gb/s port?


I am having to boot with: -v npci=0x3000

iAtkos L2 installation - laptop turns off

20 April 2013 - 11:42 PM

I'm attempting to install iAtkos L2 on my Samsung NP-R530, but it seems to power down the laptop during installation. The charger is plugged in so I can't imagine it's a power issue - it literally just cuts off.
After trying again I'd seen it had just got to '6 minutes left' as it shut off.

I have a Pentium dual core processor with 3gb ram.

Any clues as to the problem and/or a fix?

Lion 10.7.2 GeForce GT520

12 April 2013 - 01:01 PM

I'm having trouble getting my GT520 to work properly, or as I'd expect it to work at least.
I use two monitors, one in the HDMI port and one in the VGA port, so would like to keep these working at least.

To enable the use of two monitors I had to set GraphicsEnabler=No, which means OpenCL isn't enabled. So I tried using ##### to install OpenCL support, which enables GraphicsEnabler. Unfortunately OpenCL still wasn't enabled, but I couldn't use two monitors either - for some reason the VGA was always cancelled out when I had my HDMI in.

I've read that changing my DSDT could fix it, but I'm not 100% sure on:
1. Whether it's going to screw anything else up? In which case, how easy is it to change it back?
2. I updated my DSDT previously, on an old installation, but am having trouble finding it this time. If someone does recommend updating the DSDT, could someone link me to one?

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT520 1GB

Bootcache errors, and disk error?

11 April 2013 - 06:02 PM

I'm getting the following errors when the Lion 10.7.2 installation is loading up with verbose:

using 64-bit bootcache playlist

BootCacheControl: Unable to open /var/db/BootCache.playlist: 2 No such file or directory
BUg: launchctl.c:2408 (24957):30: (dbfd = open(g_job_overrides_db_path, O_RDONLY | O_EXLOCK | O_CREAT, S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR)) != -1
SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed, SENSE_KEY = 0x06, ASC = 0x29, ASCQ = 0x00
SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed, SENSE_KEY = 0x03, ASC = 0x11, ASCQ = 0x05
SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed, SENSE_KEY = 0x03, ASC = 0x11, ASCQ = 0x05
disk1s3: I/O error,
yukon: Ethernet address 00:16:e6:02:15:9d
Ethernet [AppleYukon2]: Link up on en0, 100-Megabit, Full-duplex, No flow-control, Debug [796d,6d00,0de1,0200,41e1,4000]
nstat_lookup_entry failed: 2
nstat_lookup_entry failed: 2
SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed, SENSE_KEY = 0x03, ASC = 0x11, ASCQ = 0x05
SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed, SENSE_KEY = 0x03, ASC = 0x11, ASCQ = 0x05
disk1s3: I/O error

The installation loads up eventually, and seems to install alright - but I'm concerned the errors might cause me problems.
I installed Lion 10.7.2 on the same machine, just with a different IDE harddrive, only days ago. For some reason after a short while of the machine being powered on it would create some strange problems:
  • No internet on Safari and Chrome - pages would load a white page, and sometimes say there's no connectivity, even though Network in System Preferences still said it was connected.
  • Chrome would sometimes just close instantly upon loading too.
  • I'd receive a -50 error when I attempted to copy/move/delete/download files.
  • Upon reboot after this happened, sometimes it would just load a white/greyish screen, with the cursor - I could move the cursor, too. (This is after the Apple logo loading screen)
I've just reinstalled on a different IDE harddrive and it's given me the same errors - however it has installed, I'm writing this post on it. I haven't received any of the symptoms I'd received before but I'm concerned the errors could still be a problem.

Could anyone shed any light as to what the errors mean, and if necessary, how to fix them?

Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4 audio

10 April 2013 - 02:41 PM

I'm having trouble getting my audio to work on iAtkos L2. I'm running Lion 10.7.2.

When I go to System Preferences -> Sound -> Output, it says "No output devices found". I imagine that's because I haven't installed the driver/kext properly.

First, I found this kext, and installed it with Kext Helper - unfortunately the audio still didn't find any devices.
Then I came across this thread, however it didn't fix the audio for me. I imagine it's something to do with one of the strings being incorrect, but I'm a complete novice when it comes to kexts.

Any chance someone could help explain, and fix, the problem with my audio?
I'm not sure what information is needed of my system, so I attached a system report. If there's any sensitive information in there, could someone kindly let me know.

On a side note. This isn't the correct forum, but I wanted to ask whether I need to update/change my DSDT at all? I read somewhere, that my motherboard had a new DSDT in some online database I could update. If someone doesn't mind, could they shed any light on what it is, and whether I need to update/change it?
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