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In Topic: Snow Leopard partition as the boot drive

10 September 2009 - 03:36 PM

So you want to install SL on a seperate hard drive, not on a partition on the same hard drive as Leopard, right? In that case, look around in your bios for something like "hard disk boot priority" and set the other hard drive (the one you'll install SL on) as the first, so you'll system check that hard drive at boot for a bootable OS / bootloader. This way when you install Chameleon in SL, it won't touch the bootloader on your Leopard drive and the two can live happily together. By the way, I recommend making a small partition on your SL drive for installing Chameleon on. For doing that, you could follow this guide. Good luck!

Awesome, thanks Cinner!

Well i have discovered my Dell BIOS does not support changing the boot priority order, it must be on SATA port 0, which is why when SL is installed i have so much trouble selecting the 2nd SATA drive. So, my next theory is to go through the guide you linked to, get the USB setup, install SL then physically switch SATA cables so SL is in SATA port 0.
SHould work in theory at least in my mind :-)

Thanks again for your assistance!

In Topic: One small step for Mac

04 September 2009 - 02:57 PM

use Chameleon RC1 (!) with boot 10.1

Thanks for the input Lord.

Just to clarify, is this the PC EFI 10.1 from Dr. Hurt? Can i use it?


Thanks again, appreciate it!

In Topic: [AMD] Installing Snow Leopard 10A432 on AMD System

03 September 2009 - 02:34 AM

Used this guide to insall SL on seperate SATA drive. have windows 7 and leopard 10.5.8 running on the other SATA drive.

upon reboot I don't have the option to choose SL, it's still using my default bootloader, in fact i am so confused now not sure what its loading. I have easy bcd on windows 7 so it is loading that, does that have anything to do with it?

Do i install chameleon on my leopard partition to? I should have chameleon loading at startup so i can select whatever os but its not doing that. I installed chameleon on SL as per the guide but am confused if i should install on leopard as well.


Thanks in advance and appreciate this guide.
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