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In Topic: [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Mountain Lion

01 January 2013 - 03:09 PM

well solved , i tried various versions off kext i do not know is appleacpiplatform.kext have something to do it, but looks like that it is something related to audio and dsdt. I have tseug autopatcher version , my version made it with ollarila maldon methods, but at las it works version from ###### dsdt bas for ga-p35-ds3R after that I naturally lost sound but after ##### 5.2.0 and realtek kext for systems without dstd I have audio Id 1 not 12 as before and sleep works endlessly automatically, by me wakes and works rock solid after 12 waking (knocking on wood). Life is good again. Hope that somebody helps.Rushing to make image and make at least 12 copies haha. 6 days of life for one update is it with it I do not know if I only could somehow put thunderbolt display on it uff.

In Topic: [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Mountain Lion

30 December 2012 - 12:12 AM

Ok I have managed to get stable system after third installation (I do not know why) after wake from sleep in 10.8. after that ,update to 10.8.1 and 10.8.2 goes smooth everything works flawlessly except I get again the same problem, after wake from sleep after some time i get KP but this time finally with message about AppleIntel CPU PowerManagment i put kext from 10.8 but no go same KP. What to do ?Maybe I should try kext from lion?

In Topic: [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Mountain Lion

27 December 2012 - 12:06 PM

Many thanks as I said before for guides but...

still problems with sleep,

everything works great,even sleep and automatic sleep works but after a short while picture is frozen and sound stutters.Sometimes after first sleep sometimes after 5-6, sometimes on wake sometimes after a while, no messages only sound stutters or in best case you must restart blabla...

I had same problem with lion guide but it is solved with ####### apple rollback and alc889a/885 kext and apple rtc patch and lion works now perfectly. But with mountain lion no avail. I tried with dsdt I made , I tried again with all versions of #######, I changed kexts and in almost every combination everything works flawless until some time after sleep. Sleep is for me must have so please have anybody idea what to try next? Could it be related to video driver? maybe for 10.8.2 I need to make new kext for ati 5750 like for original mountain installation? This is the only thing I can imagine that could be culprit of this behavior.I made few clean installations saome by tseug guide some by ###### some mixed to no avail.

Anybody please?

In Topic: [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Mountain Lion

12 December 2012 - 07:02 PM

you should try changing in system preferences -power saving - check automatic power on after power loss than alow sleep on power button and then put hard disks to sleep........ that makes sleep, uncheck enable wake for ethernet that makes sleep possible but problem is random freezing after wake up sometmes after few hours sometimes after minute or so.

I had same problem with lion but after some installations and deinstallations of chimera and chameleon problem disappears but now after instaling ml here we go again.

so close so far sleep for me is very important and it is working flawlessly only on sl

In Topic: [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Mountain Lion

10 December 2012 - 09:38 PM

Nobody has any suggestions regarding to sleep? On lion and mountain lion after coming back from sleep I have random system halt sometimes almost in few minutes sometimes after few hours. In onepoint after numerous reinstallations chameleon and chimera lion works A ok. But now when I instal on another usb disk mountain lion i have problem with both systems, only snow leopard sleep works but not automatic sleep.

Any sugestions? Config is in the signature.
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