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AMD Lion Kernel

20 March 2012 - 03:00 PM

I know that Nawcom is probably the only person developing a kernel for AMD , and now he has medical issues and is taking some time off . So I was wondering If it is possible for someone else to create a kernel . Mountain Lion will be released soon enough and so far , no one has taken up the initiative .

And so I though maybe i could look into the issue , trust me I am not really experience at the time of writing , but I am an amateur either . I have sufficient experience in OS X and I have a working OS X Snow Leopard on AMD . SO I started learning Xcode and cocoa . I Went through dozens of resources on how the kernel works and how the mach kernel works . And recently I just got this idea .

Nawcom patches the open source XNU kernel right ? And it works for AMD . So what I did was I opened up a couple of Nawcom's patches . I came to the conclusion that he used patches which were discovered quite a while back . So from this I came to the conclusion that the main thing he is doing is patching the XNU kernel with patches perviously made by mercury squad and a few others . I know that they put in a lot of effort in finding how AMD can be included in the kernel . So What I was thinking was , what if someone used the same .diff file for nawcom's previous legacy kernels for the 10.6 and combine them with the new legacy atom kernel for lion .

I tried doing that , and now the combining is almost complete . I really do hope this works . I am looking for testers .

Also , anyone who has experience with the mach_kernel or at least on the patches , please correct me if I am wrong .

People don't give up hope , Hackintosh has been there for quite sometime and It will be there for quite sometime , no matter who stops working for the project .

A DSDT Guide

26 October 2011 - 05:02 PM


DSDT is one of the many ACPI [Advanced Configuration and Power interface ] tables of a system .Well the ACPI is basically an interface through which the Operating System 'communicates' with the low-end devices like the CPU , GPU etc .

We have all heard about people always telling - Edit the DSDT . SO WHAT CAN THIS DO ??? HOW CAN EDITING THE DSDT HELP YOU ???

The DSDT can help you in so many ways . Editing the DSDT can help the OS recognise many of your devices and also make a lot of them work , and sometimes even make your hackintosh more similar to a real mac .


Dsdt graphics injection Nvidia G210M

09 July 2011 - 06:54 AM

Hey guys

I cannot enable qe / ci in this card

Nvidia GeForce G210M [device id 0a74]

I tried , efi string , Kexts , Graphics enabler...nothing worked so far

My card is conected via internal display

Please help

Nvidia LVDS / internal display cards [nVidia M cards]

05 April 2011 - 02:23 PM

There are a lot of people out there with nVidia M (mobile) cards connected via internal display / LVDS without qe/ci.

Such a configuration occurs mainly in laptops and All in one PCs

In such a case none of the existing kexts....or the graphics enabler from chameleon will work !

hence there are 2 alternatives...either use an EFI string or edit in DSdt

the problem with using an EFI string is the NVCAP ....does anyone know of an NVCAP for LVDS display or internal dislay connector?

DsDT has always been a trouble for me....hence i do not know about that

If there is any other way ..please post it here

If anyone can make a kext , then this would be greatly appreciated

Please help in getting the LVDS display to work

HP Touchsmart 300-1040in

03 April 2011 - 09:49 AM

Hey Guys

I have an Hp touchsmart 300-1040in
nVidia GeForce G210M [0a74] (connected via internal display )
500 GB Sata[AHCI]
Next Window 19" touchscreen
AMD SB700 chipset
AMD Athellon II x2
Creative soundblaster audio

i installed snow leopard using iATKOS s3 and booted to the desktop , but i dont have qe/ci .

Also it takes a very long time to load the desktop .

SOund not working

Touchscreen not working

can someone please help me?
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