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In Topic: GTX1060 flickering after sleep on 10.12.4

21 September 2017 - 10:06 PM


I've found that when it resumes from sleep and I experience the problem, I can just turn off my ultrawide monitor and power it back on. Is anyone else using an ultrawide 21:9 monitor or just me? Also, I noticed if I can manage to put it back to sleep, and resume it fixes sometimes.

In Topic: GTX1060 flickering after sleep on 10.12.4

16 September 2017 - 02:31 AM

I'm experiencing this same issue. After installing the web driver it worked fine but then noticed the screen going bonkers like the computer was trying to format the resolution properly and couldn't find it. Do any of you have a 21:9 Monitor? Mine is a qhd LG 34 inch 34um88-p.


It was working fine for over a week. Now the last couple days I get these issues but on an updated 10.12.6.

In Topic: Video resolution (driver?) issues post re-install Sierra

31 August 2017 - 03:39 AM

Resolutions greater than 1080p on HD 4000 need to patch IOKit/CoreDisplay.framework. Use CoreDisplayFixupby PMheart. Obviously, this requires working acceleration to begin with, so make sure you have Intel injection enabled. As for the platform ID, try 0x0166000B.


RacerMaster, are you sure that applies to *all* resolutions greater than 1080 becasue the readme on that says "targets at patching system essentials dynamically to enable 4k OR GREATER resolutions"...


My monitor isn't 4k, what do you think?

I'm only asking, Racer, because This Thread says if it's less than 3840x2160, it's not required. 




Thank you RacerMaster, I used the files in this link to get it to work. I had to log into my computer from chome remote desktop on my laptop to fix it, but it worked. It rebooted all fuzzy again and I just went to Display settings and clicked the right resolution. :w00t:   I also saw some of your other contributions on reddit. Thank you for your help, expertise and patince with my inexperienced self to you and Hervé. I've been working at this since 1PM and it's nearly 9:30 :(

Where can I make a donation for your time?

In Topic: Video resolution (driver?) issues post re-install Sierra

31 August 2017 - 02:03 AM

Crapola, I forgot about the bad blood between this forum and those guys. I didn't even look at what forum it was on. But I did remove it. thank you for reminding me  :wallbash:


So It is "working" but won't recognize my monitor still and shows "Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 3mb."

It was 1536 MB before? I feel like i'm missing one thing somewhere. I am sure my BIos is set correctly but if there is something in it that might be holding me back, maybe I need a bit of hand holding there. I've been working on this all day. Even tried switchrezX, but it doesn't recognize my monitor. I used it before and it worked fine.

I've attached a Ioreg file. Is this right? 

In Topic: Video resolution (driver?) issues post re-install Sierra

31 August 2017 - 12:43 AM

I used another tool that another member suggested that zips it up, sorry. I did change the system definition too! Thank you for that suggestion.

I got it working, the video seems correct, except the mac doesn't seem to understand what resolution to display on my mac and I got it to display a low but visible resolution. My monitor is 21:9 aspect, Full HD 2560 x 1080. I used another mac to use Chrome Remote desktop i had installed before to log in and access the computer and change the resolution to something visible. Glad I had that! I highly recommend it to others.


I installed the tool:


But I haven't got it to properly recognize them monitor and give me the right resolutions. I'm stuck :/

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