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In Topic: Clover General discussion

20 June 2017 - 12:22 PM

I updated to the Clover r4091 and now I'm stuck here. Does anyone know how to solve it?




Same problem here.

Had to revert to 4077...

In Topic: AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy "on the fly" patching - impossible? (altern...

16 December 2016 - 04:05 PM



There is a little tweak you must do to make it works and you need to build.

You need to replace HDEF device 0x8ca0 with your.


AppleALC has not been done for this king of patch, so if you want it to work, you'll need to build with patch I provided and replace with your HDEF device id.




Thank you Fred for your reply, unfortunately I think it is beyond my skills.


So, unless someone can provide some kind of tutorial, I will stay with shilohhh's AGDPfix script... 


Thanks anyway   ;)

In Topic: AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy "on the fly" patching - impossible? (altern...

15 December 2016 - 07:02 PM

Hi FredWst,

Will it work with my Gigabyte GTX 970 or do I need to edit something in the kext ?


In Topic: AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy "on the fly" patching - impossible? (altern...

12 October 2016 - 05:50 PM

Basically :

- reinstall Apple's version of AppleGraphicsControl.kext and AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext

- just to be sure, repair permissions :

sudo /usr/libexec/repair_packages --verify --standard-pkgs --volume / 

 - mount the EFI partition, locate FakeSMC.kext into it

- add informations to its Info.plist, as this commit does



It doesn't work for me on 10.11.6...   :(


I have 2 monitors, one connected via DVI DP and the other via HDMI.

In Topic: IntelMausiEthernet.kext for Intel onboard LAN

21 August 2016 - 09:43 PM

Thank you Mieze!

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