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How to install iAtkos ML2 on ASUS K53SV (SX961V) with attached Screen

20 March 2013 - 03:48 PM

This is mainly for me to remember, so I won't describe the obvious steps.
If you read this, and you don't know how to start from the beginning, read my other guides.

Start with the DVD or if you use the USB version, then start with "-v USBBusFix=Yes"

After erasing the partition, choose additionally to the preselected options the following:

- USB Fix
- PS/2
- MacBook 8.1
- IOPCI Family
- Disable nVidia drivers
- Disable Intel Drivers

After starting up the OS and creating your account and you are on the desktop, download http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=2725 and install the Kext from the graphics directory (and optionally the Kext from the Bluetooth directory... I believe that I had some kernel panics due to bluetooth before).

This is the only way to get the real resolutions.
I also attached a BENQ monitor to my Laptop so my resolution is 1920x1080.

[GUIDE] How to install iAtkos L2 on ASUS K53SV (SX961V) and starting without a BootCD

11 May 2012 - 06:56 PM

First a few things hidden as SPOILER. You should read it if you see this the first time:


1. For WiFi you will have to change your WiFi card in the Laptop. Buy a AR9285 card for $15 and put it into your laptop or use an USB WiFi Dongle.

1. VOODOOHD Audio will cause a very loud feedback loop between your Mic and your Speakers. Don't install them! Search for custom kexts.

2. You will see an error message about nVidia ROM patch every time. Just ignore it.


1. Boot from DVD with iAtkos L2 (hit ESC at ASUS Logo and choose your DVD - hit enter)
2. At the BootLoader hit F8 and type: -v cpus=1 busratio=22
3. After booting on the Install screen choose your language and "Continue"
4. From the top menu bar choose "Utilities" then "Disk Utility"
5. Mark your partition and "Earese" as MAC OS Extended (Journaled)
6. Close "Disk Utility"
7. "Continue" and "Agree" to the iAtkos Terms of Use
8. Mark your MAC partition and click "Customize" on the left.
9. In the lists check AHCI SATA, USB, PS/2 (And AR9285 under WiFi if you changed the hardware). Pre checked things have to be checked of course!
10. Install

(Eventually you have to use rBoot-LE to restart the system at the first time)

11. Fill out the Apple stuff after your likings
12. Being on the desktop download "##### Lion Edition" and "rBoot-LE" from Tonymacx86.com
12a. For security reasons make a bootable USB with rBoot-LE

13. From rBoot-LE.iso extract the "EXTRA" folder and copy its content into the "EXTRA" folder on your MAC partition

15. Additionally you can edit the BootLoader in "System Preferences" and set "arch" to x86_64, CPU to 1, and the BusRatio to 22.
16. Restart

Now your LION should reboot automatically without any problems.

For Audio, Ethernet and other stuff use this ZIP: http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=2725

If you have problems, you can discuss them here and I will refine the GUIDE after reinstalling my system.
As I said, I messed with it a week and some steps may need another order or they need a restart in-between.


In case of emergency now you can boot your partition with the USB instead of a DVD.
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