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LakeTiny Feature and Improved Batterylife (Haswell Only)

03 May 2014 - 06:01 AM

Yesterday i modifyed my BIOS, Unlocked every option, updated some drivers+firmware, microcode etc...


What does the updates brings to me? Nothing visible at all...

Dont modify your bios, it can go wrong! if you have a SPI Programmer, modify your bios :-)


Today, i just checked all the Bios settings i unlocked...

It is million of settings, never seen that much settings ever, on any bios...


I activated "LakeTiny Feature"

There are no descriptions for this option, i found out by searching in the internet:

that it activates some RST Optimizations and Powersavings... (Sounds to me that this setting is useless)

(Just to say here: i use RST Rom 13.1.0...)


Okay, booted again into OSX, nothing changed, etc...


But after i was 6-7 Hours on batterylife, i had 12% batterylife left...


My first thought was: WTF? My Laptop was never that long on batterylife...


This was 1-2 hours ago!


Now i charged my battery again and after osx calculated remaining time, i get 10 Hours of batterylife!!!


I never had that much, it was before something like 6Hours max.

But now its 10Hours!!!


I've attached a screenshot for peoples that don't believe this...


I can make some pictures from my bios settings too, if anyone want!




This is related to Users, that know how to Modify Bios!

Its not a Thread for anyone, that never Flashed a bios, and going to Ask how to do this!

You need to understand, that if you brick your Laptop, it will be a piece of {censored}!


For anyone else, that know what he need to do and for anybody, that want to risk a brick, You are Welcome :-)


One thing left, i have Ami (Aptio) Bios,

That means i can provide infos only for AMI ppl :-)


One thing: I need to confirm this, if this was exactly that setting, because i had Deactivated in bios options MSR 0xE2 (15) lock and some other things...

But im 95% sure, that it was this "LakeTiny Feature"


UPDATE: I forgot that i updated yesterday OSX from 10.9.2 to 10.9.3(13D55), it can be that this comes from that update...

Now im really confused if this Thread makes sense, if it really was 10.9.3 update...

Need to check that tomorrow exactly...


Cheers :-)

_DSM Property: "use-msi" & "sata-express-power-off"

20 February 2014 - 09:18 PM




Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized)  // _DSM: Device-Specific Method
                        Store (Package (0x04)
                            }, Local0)
                        DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0))
                        Return (Local0)

Does anyone know, what they are for?


It's in all Haswell with SSD, Apple tables...


Something for PowerManagement, but what exactly?


I added them into my DSDT, now this properties are in ioreg, but they didn't change anything for me...

everything is working like before...


Cheers :-)

[Sleep] If AC Plugged in, immediately wake! (Haswell)

29 January 2014 - 03:36 AM

Hi, im getting a problem with my Sleep, if AC adapter is plugged in. (UX301LA)


If AC is not plugged in, i get a normal sleep and a normal wake (wake with that 10secounds delay, posted in another thread)


But if AC is Plugged in, my Laptop wakes directly and i get this wheel of dead...


Somehow the AC wakes my laptop...

does anyone have/had a similar problem, and know what to do?


Here are my DSDT, the actual is (DSDT.206.dsl):




Cheers :-)

[SATA Powerstate Timeout] Haswell i7-4558U (10.9.1)

28 January 2014 - 04:53 PM

Hi, im getting a problem with my SATA Device, if i wakeup my Laptop (UX301LA)


kernel[0]: PRT0::setPowerState(0x48ea313cb7d48399, 0 -> 2) timed out after 30937 ms


PRT0 is the Port from the Sata device, which handles the first ssd.


The thing is, i wake up my system, and i can't do anything in the first (10 Secounds), till this message appears in the log...

After that "PRT0 Timeout" message, my laptop runs fine  again...


And the other strange thing is, after i waked my laptop, waited till the Timeout message appears,

i go into ioreg, look into that PRT0 (from SAT0 Device) and the current power state is 2!


That would mean, i get Timeout from Set Powerstate 0 to 2, and after the timeout, it successful setted the power state...


Maybe i miss some _PWR Method or sth in my DSDT...


Here are my DSDT, the actual is (DSDT.206.dsl):




Cheers :-)

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