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Help with lion on AMD FX 8150 please

03 January 2013 - 11:06 PM

Hello, I have had osx running on a windows laptop in the past so I have SOME previous experience with this. BUT I have recently made my own build. I didn't have osx in mind when I built my PC or the specs would be more suited.

Basically I have been given a usb drive with Niresh lion on it and I have my old copy of a boot cd beginning with i.

When I try to boot I use the recommended "Kernel Cache"=\amd arch=i386 -v I also use GraphicsEnabler=no to get past ati card error.

but when I hit enter to boot it restarts very fast but I managed to read it said "NOT AN INTEL PLATFORM - RESTART FIX" or something along those lines. I thought the kernel cache boot flag was to enable it to boot with amd cpu?!?

I have read people getting this working on AMD and would like to run it too. My system is AMD FX 8150 (apparently 8 core?) 16GB ram ATI HD7770 2GB gfx
any help would be great thank you

no installed kexts loading with system! help.

12 April 2012 - 04:15 PM

Ok, so been trying to install lion for about a month now. with some success, but now its the same thing over and over but noone seems to be able to help me.

When i first installed lion, cpu and gfx where not recognised, i managed to install network, sound, ps2 etc but then bricked my install. so i tried again,

now every fresh install i try is the same, cpu + gfx recognised without installing anything (which is a good thing but wierd) + usb wont work!

but then whenever i install any kexts for network, sound, ps2. I get KP on shutdown. and when i reboot system, the kexts i just installed are not loading with the system!

when i boot using -f. I do not get full resolution, but it seems the ps2 has installed + i get usb working!

doesn anyone know why it is doing this? i only want to at least get network working then i can stop booting back to windows to DL any kexts!

fresh lion install, kp problems etc. DSDT?

08 April 2012 - 10:15 PM

Just done a fresh install of lion (from retail lion app), Booted up no problems using un!beast usb drive to boot. Full resolution, gfx detected, cpu recognised all straight away without installing anything. usb was working fine too.

installed the kext from this post which was reported as working in 10.7 https://tonymacx86.c...c6ea016#p342909

using kext wizard, installed that kext then repaired permissions + cache.

rebooted, booted fine. Now i still have no wireless detected at all. and my usb has stopped working.

went to shut down and got KP grey screen "you need to restart your computer"

its like its not even installing anything i install! even system info app didnt show the kext was loaded! now im getting the shutdown KP again!

its great that it has full resolution from first boot, because i was having trouble with that first time i installed lion.

what could be the problem? everytime i do a fresh install im geting the same problems, why cant i install anything?!?!

laptop is a Acer 5750. I keep reading about DSDT but not sure if i need or how to use it! can someone please help me get going in teh right direction!

picture of system info

help needed after lion install! nearly 100% working

07 April 2012 - 11:21 AM

I have searched and searched, and installed numerous kexts, but still no luck in getting this wireless working. laptop is a acer 5750

it is a atheros AR5B97. I have read others have got it working but when i try the kext they used, it is still showing no network devices!

is there something i have to do to enable it?

also, it might be because when i install + repair permissions/cache, then restart.. it always fails + shows the grey box "you need to restart your computer" etc.

im getting close to 100% working lion install. just a couple of things left! someone with some knowledge come through with some info!!

not working list

wifi atheros ar5b97
battery icon showing no battry picture.
no sound
no brightness control
no multigestures on mousepad

KP when shutting down! Posted Image

all info appreciated! when i get it to 100% i ca add it to the wiki as fully workign and help others

had 10.6.8 working but getting grey screen now!

03 April 2012 - 12:12 AM

this is really driving me mental now. its taken me 2 weeks to finally get 10.6.8 working and i only booted it twice

now im getting grey screen, when i boot -v it goes to dark screen! when i turn volume up and down on keyboard i can hear the click/beep thing so it must have loaded the OS.

can someone please tell me how to get past this blank screen?!
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