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In Topic: Compaq Presario C700 series hackintosh users

10 December 2010 - 03:55 PM

Maybe my experiences will help folks out. If not, this seems promising, but does not exactly match my experience, probably due to OS differences.

I took some online advice and turned the SATA option off in the BIOS before I began; some claim it conflicts with the video card in hackintosh systems, though I never tested the theory. I installed OS 10.6.3 on my Compaq Presario C712NR (C700 series) via iATKOS S3 V2 on a bootable disc.

Audio worked automagically for me, as did the internal microphone and embedded video (Intel GMA965 X3100) in 1024x768x32. I haven't figured out how to get 1280x800x32 yet; it doesn't show up in the Pref pane.

Initially, the AirPort worked. Then I made the mistake of turning it off, and it refused to turn back on. Found a fix:
1) Remove the AirPort from the SysPrefs > Network list via the - minus button.
2) delete /System/Library/Extensions/apple.airport.airport[something].kext Sorry, I can't remember the full name and I already emptied the trash so I can't easily look it up. The [something] was setup or config or prefs or something like that.
3) Restore the AirPort to the SysPrefs > Network list via the + plus button.
After that, turning the AirPort on and off works fine. I'm actually posting via that AirPort card now. The LED button above the keyboard always says off, but that's not important to me.

I snagged Kext Helper 7 and the Trackpad PrefPane. They do what they do fine, but what they do doesn't directly make anything work better.

My biggest remaining beef is that the keyboard and trackpad aren't working; I'm using an extra USB keyboard and mouse I had lying around. They worked during the installation process and during the bootloader (PC_EFI). The OSx86 wiki claims that the special keyboard keys for contrast and volume work out of the box; no such luck for me.

Less annoyingly, the wired Ethernet also seems not to be working, and I haven't figured out the battery icon fix yet. Donno about audio ports or modem; I don't foresee myself ever using them.

I haven't seen the overheating/fan failure issue others have complained about. My fan seems to kick on at the right times, though the thing runs warm just as it did in it's Vista, pre-hackintosh days.

I'll add more notes as things begin working. Any advice you've got would be appreciated.

I have the exact same laptop c712nr and installed using this method
I skipped step one though.
My keyboard mouse sounds and wifi work perfectly until I installed #####, after that only usb mouse worked. I stopped after that, didn't go any farther than ##### install yet
So i reinstalled osx and haven't installed mulitbeast yet..successfully updated mac software and restarted..keyboard and mouse still working

Hope that helps your troubleshooting
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