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In Topic: Chameleon 2.3svn Official PKG Installer & Binaries

05 January 2015 - 10:44 PM

When I come at Home sure give me 3 days.... I can't now...really far from Home....

Thanks Micky no hurry, have nice Walk Like an Egyptian:)

In Topic: Chameleon 2.3svn Official PKG Installer & Binaries

05 January 2015 - 08:51 PM

Bungo I'm far from Home (I'm on vacation in Egypt (Sharm el Sheik), but no OSX inside the lappy I've here). ErmaC has committed these changes to Enoch 2530 in the svn, but not for the installer.

For the installer is better to wait someone that have made a test with it. But ErmaC can pass you all the material you need :) .





no need to do it. If you sync with trunk this should be done. The errors occurred when "mixing" your branch with Chameleon trunk. So it comes up everytime I mix the branches :-). Had the same with Enoch.

It compiles okay, if it is "left by it's own". We figured the problem evolved from ErMacs changes and not from yours (whichs generates a lot of output in the bdmesg.log...;-)  )

Ok, many thanks. Can you test my last commit (not fully synced with trunk but more bdmesg output)?


In Topic: Chameleon 2.3svn Official PKG Installer & Binaries

05 January 2015 - 01:33 PM



yep Bungos branch has some errors that I corrected before compiling... ;)

..but I want my Enoch or Chameleon back. :( These two worked for years now...

Bungos branch was a test to get nearer to the point of the version that broke my boot sequence.




Well, I reviewed the code changes of r2472 by ErMac and (for now) commented out most of his changes regarding boot2 and the multiboot behaviour.

I compiled against r2517 and VOILA, it is working again.

If I can find the time, I will review the code and check in detail what breaks boot2.


Perhaps someone else can review it too.

Oh, if someone wants to try?

Hi wartomato & Micky1979

Thanks for testing my branch. Would you mind sharing your fixes to my branch?

BTW. I've just commited new code into my branch.

In Topic: Chameleon 2.3svn Official PKG Installer & Binaries

12 December 2014 - 11:55 AM



this is what I try:


Desktop System that normally work withoutany patched ACPI tables:




Laptop that normally works using a patched DSDT:




I can't boot both of them. Different problems.

Many thanks,

Very strange. Do you use your setups as usually, I mean dsdt .plists etc.? I assume you can boot with latest trunk?

My laptop panics with stock AppleACPIPlatform (if I remember since 10.8.5?)

I found new bug related to finding Darwin Kernel Version string, if I boot 10.6.8 (32bit mode) with UseKernelCache=No, got random chars instead of Kernel Version string. I'll fix it as soon as possible.

here, let's see if I have luck




I don't know why you got that entry empty, you can report it on Chameleon Wizard topic. Anyway you can fill that empty entry simply by hand.

In Topic: Chameleon 2.3svn Official PKG Installer & Binaries

11 December 2014 - 09:30 PM

Beginning with the Chameleon revision of approximately 2401, the boot loader fails to utilize and load the kernelcache on my secondary partition.

The kernelcache itself is NOT at fault as this ssue does not occur with any Chameleon versions prior to 2400. Please advise.

Did you experience this:

Attached File  panic_trunk_r2491.png   992.69KB   0 downloads

in trunk r2491


same here:

Attached File  panic_trunk_r2510.png   955.11KB   1 downloads

in trunk r2510?

In my case it was caused by remained files (probably after unsuccesful instalation) in .IABootFiles hidden foder on boot partition:

Attached File  Mavericks HD.png   87.82KB   1 downloads


and Chameleon's support that folder in stringTable.c. Simply commented it out fixed a problem temporarily:

int loadSystemConfig(config_file_t *config)
	char *dirspec[] = {
		"/Mac OS X Install Data/com.apple.Boot.plist",				// OS X Installer (Lion 10.7)
		"/OS X Install Data/com.apple.Boot.plist",				// OS X Installer (10.8+)
		//"/.IABootFiles/com.apple.Boot.plist",					// OS X Installer
		"/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist",	// com.apple.Boot.plist
		"/com.apple.recovery.boot/com.apple.Boot.plist"				// OS X Recovery

Please, try my branch boot file Attached File  boot.zip   156.72KB   3 downloads


here, let's see if I have luck



No, you don't.

Back to the post #2577 and read it carefuly.

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