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#1902293 10.7.4 + AMD + nForce

Posted by .picodev on 30 March 2013 - 05:46 PM

Success story after 4 days of painstaking work.Just to get QE/CI up and running and im all good. Old AMD Athlon X2 64 4200+ with a cheap-ass 30 euro ASRock piece of crud motherboard boasting the nForce 630 chipset. First tinkered with VMWare Workstation and 10.6.8 snow leopard,made a virtual hard disk,restored Basesystem.dmg etc etc all the usual stuff.Made a .sparsebundle image,booted 10.5.7 Leopard off a DVD,restored it to a HDD partition,did the terminal work,pulled all neccecary stuff from a USB flash drive.The restore process for some odd reason didnt copy the /var and /Volumes partition so i had fun with that for a few hours but finnaly managed to copy those from another restored image on a USB flash drive.Booted the HDD partition,installed,again back to Leopard and the terminal,fixed it up,and et voala,booted in. 4 days of work total. Btw kernel is Bronzovka 10.7.4 arch=i386, 64 bit userland functioning. What can i say,it was a challenge.Now off to setup meself some Mountai...

#1820461 OS X Security

Posted by .picodev on 14 May 2012 - 04:38 PM

Interesting fact is,Windows had DEP (Data Execution Prevention),Adress Space Layout Randomization and many other protection schemes long before OSX even started getting some primitive implementations of those.Also,it does kernel adress space checksum checks periodically to prevent memory corruption etc..its is a safehouse in a bad neighbourhood like some security experts say.Though,they had problems with ActiveX and no sandboxing practices,in Win 7 there is indeed an API for doing it,although hard on developers to implement it.In the old days,the problem was it was single user focused and the default account was an administrator account so all the power was in the hands of bad code that when executed (if it can circumvent the protection),could do whatever it wanted.Now the UAC in the newer Windoze is the same as a standard OSX admin password prompt..In the coming future,a proper antivirus/antimalware/antieverything software with a smart heuristics engine will be a must on the consum...

#1820215 Windows 8 Developer Preview now available to download

Posted by .picodev on 13 May 2012 - 12:47 PM

Microsoft patches their vuln's in a matter of days,Apple in a matter of a couple of months,just not to alert the public that their OS is really not imune to abusive code (what was their primary factor for bashing Microsoft) If i could update 500 MB/day of patches,that would mean the code auditing teams are doing their job haha

#1820130 Mac Pro or a PC?

Posted by .picodev on 13 May 2012 - 01:48 AM

Just how 'old' is it?If you are going for power and *considering* a power machine which does cost,you should go the standard route of Socket 1155 and an iSeries processor, Intel i5 2500K and above.The motherboard does not have to be expensive neccesarily..depends on what you demand it to do,how many DIMM's of RAM (and their operating frequency) you want etc,do you require USB3.0,eSata,DualBIOS,UEFI...You just can't whip in new parts in any 'old' hardware.There is the power supply to consider,can it push the graphics you intend to use and so on.Power graphics require additional 5,25 6-pin molex connectors..Just reuse the old case,yank everything out and make a new machine,that is my 2c.And about the parts,i can't give you an example since i ain't actively building these new hacks,Google OSX Lion Hardware Compatability List,check the forums and make a zero % effort machine that will work reliably with close to zero effort of installing OSX and getting i...

#1819824 Windows 8 Developer Preview now available to download

Posted by .picodev on 11 May 2012 - 05:31 PM

First off,i've had only a couple of BSODs on Windows 7 from the beginning of time and it was related to graphics card and motherboard failure. Windows UAC - OSX admin pass prompt,same {censored} different package init :) And about Windows 8,im running the consumer preview ATM.Well,there are infact some under-the-hood changes.Complete overhaul of the runtime - WinRT,less processes in the default config,less RAM consumption,feels much more snappier overall.The power managment is also totally different.I like their FastBoot .. suspending the initialized kernel and drivers into an image in the hard drive.Really really fast bootup..The storage spaces is a nice feature aswell and,although i find the metro partly useless,i use the live tiles for some info feed and like it.Hardware sensors API is a nice addition aswell..The no-more-update-nagging-popup-{censored} policy is also good. The only major change that affects me is that Win7 boots to desktop directly and Win8 needs one click...

#1819660 Ubuntu overtaken by Linux Mint

Posted by .picodev on 11 May 2012 - 01:49 AM

Well,it's nice to have a Linux sitting nearby anyhow hehe.I've replied on the topic of Gnome3 somewhere around and said what i had to say..No comment,even Linus moved to XFCE.You *CAN* make it look like the previous by installing the gnome-session-fallback package and adding the old indicators etc. but it's still that G3 resource-hoggy feel that you just can't shake off.But,even that fallback option won't last for long,i just hope that Gnome2 "fork" (different devs,same stuff) MATE dekstop doesn't go bust.Once,i was madly in love with the Linux world 2.And yeah,seriously,you gotta love them cheapo hard disks :)

#1819658 Lion slow boot & new kextcache mechanism

Posted by .picodev on 11 May 2012 - 01:43 AM

As of 10.7.0 Lion, the kextcache mechanism has been changed and the old mechanism of using the "Extensions.mkext" file is now legacy. The new default system is now using kernelcache,which is in the same location as the previous .mkext file (/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup). The slow boot up of the system is due to Chameleon not using these caches (UseKernelCache=No by default) but loading the extensions one by one thus taking much longer (but in this way, loading the extensions both from /Extra/Extensions AND /System/Library/Extensions and is in effect,like booting with the -f bootflag). A fast boot up is achieved by using the boot flag UseKernelCache=Yes but take note, this way, all of your additional kexts must reside in /System/Library/Extensions since /Extra/Extensions is ignored. How to force rebuild the kernel cache is covered here in the 10.7 Lion section.

#1819442 Ubuntu overtaken by Linux Mint

Posted by .picodev on 10 May 2012 - 02:06 PM

The problem is,it is the age of rapid changes(it all started in the commercial projects and is influencing everything else).Changes are made just for the heck of it,the "if it works don't fix it" doesn't seem to matter anymore to anyone.The open source community is getting too torn apart,too many forks etc..Too many dissagreements,what is good and what is not,flame wars all over the place instead all just unite and make something really work.My personal choices are Debian and FreeBSD for various server purposes and i use Linux as a desktop platform strictly when i need it for the basic stuff.I think it doesn't have a future on desktops of regular people,the market is too much in Microsofts,Apples grip etc. "No Linux distro can beat OS X, especially Lion." Depends on what you want/like/need/demand. If you are not a hardcore proprietary software user, a Linux distro can do it all IMO,for free,and fast. I personally like all OS'es..and in the end of the...

#1819434 Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

Posted by .picodev on 10 May 2012 - 01:08 PM

Haha black Jesus.They can ban all they want,you're welcome to stay here..

#1818882 iATKOS L2 - Mouse is unuseable during installation process!

Posted by .picodev on 08 May 2012 - 04:41 PM

a ) try out different USB ports b ) disable USB legacy support (the most common thing forgotten by people)

#1621842 OS X 10.6.2 kernel panic at startup

Posted by .picodev on 13 January 2011 - 12:31 AM

Fakesmc gets installed in that distro already..just don't pick that "dsmos" option on install as it is an old dsmos kext (newer one will be installed if you choose nothing ) When installing,choose Graphics Enabler from the drivers list (ain't actually a driver/kext but adds those lines to your com.apple.boot.plist) :) Choose IOATAFamily fix and also SATA.. later you can get rid of that LegacyRTC kext by a DSDT patch and later maybe even dsmos (it's a legacy kernel,has kext blacklisting) After you've installed,you will have to patch the dyld library and maybe a few other things but i suggest you update to 10.6.5 and use the legacy kernel 10.5.0 installer package by nawcom that will do that for you.Then you can run 64 bit apps along side 32bit...but boot the kernel and kexts in 32bit for now (boot arguments arch=i386 -force64).Hope this helps a bit.Thought id point you in the right direction right away.
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