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Hello everybody!

04 April 2017 - 10:43 PM

Hello everybody!

I want to greet ErmaC and Alessandro17 that given me to become a Moderator of InsanelyMac. ErmaC is a good coder and a good man and Alsessandro17 is a true leader. Thanks for your trust!
A greet also to my friend Mirone, a men who make a lot of people's computer sounding good!
I'm leaving for good this Forum. This is because recently I realized that the OSx86 scene is going in the wrong direction, my honest opinion.
Demonstrate to install MacOS is no longer something to be learned, but is a business that everyone must defend, don't know why.
I wish this Forum bases its core in technical things like coding, but most of the people have the food ready and ranging from site to site in search of easy solutions, and they do not even need to understand. Too bad!
On my side instead, I'm glad to have met people like meklort, Slice, bcc9, Mald0n, Zenith432, Rehabman, Pike R. Alpha and few other, and I'm happy to have my name in some projects like Clover and Chameleon/Enoch, at least for little things, which satisfies me as much since a bootloader is the only thing (along with Netkas's FakeSMC) that makes your hack working.
Thanks to people like them, in few years, I have refined a bit my coding skills, so much that I'm selling softwares here and there (objc/Swift framenworks and a tiny app on the MAS). Not much money, but sometimes I do a holiday..  and of course totally legal and nothing to do with haking!
All the softwares made by me here is now discontinued. I would like to share the source code of some of it (e.g. Pandora's Box), but most of them uses my propietary software, and for this reason I can't.
I study to become an engineer, a and I have a job, so what is left is very little time and I decided to dedicate it to real life!
Farewell, Micky1979 out!

Clover Configurator loves Ares

02 April 2017 - 05:09 PM

Hi guys, I'm happy that Clover Configurator.app loves what Ares (included in Pandora's Box) do with its config.plit editor!



base64 converter introduced in Ares since the beginning:


the copy in CC..


the popup containing all platform ig for Intel IGPUs introduced by Ares last year


the exact copy in CC (also the descriptions)


the popup containings the ATI/AMD Framebuffers introduced by Ares last year


the copy in CC 



But this last make me really funny:

please, please, don't copy also my mistakes :hysterical: , look at Graphics->FB Name (what in Ares is FBName w/o spaces):

some time ago (last summer?), I prepared an updated never finished for ati.c for Clover to be presented to Slice (while this was already ended up in Pandora), but unfurtunately I've never done this due to my lack of time:

Well, not all those framebuffers are present in Clover, so that users by selecting them will be in trouble.

I'm going to fix it for the next release, please do the same! :lol:



so now I found intresting the pop up buttons in ACPI->DSTD->Patches and in KernelAndKextsPatches containings some patches ready and I added it to Ares, just the same as have you done in Clover Configurator: (1:1) 

Thaaaanks!  :lol:

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