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01 September 2016 - 08:05 PM

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File Name: NVMeP

File Submitter: Micky1979

File Submitted: 01 Sep 2016

File Category: Patches

command line to patch IONVMeFamily.kext for non Apple pci nvme-ssd(s). Based on Pike R. Alpha patches at https://pikeralpha.w...bin-patch-data/


cd /to/a/folder
NVMeP -i "add internal icon fix".
NVMeP -a "leave Apple Class code" (default is 0108200 as per specification).
NVMeP -s [num] "try a specific patch":
0 for Sierra 10.12.1 and later ( .. until the binary is the same)

1 for Sierra DP4 and later (meant 10.12 GM since patches are the same)

2 for Sierra DP1/3

3 for El Capitan 10.11.6 (15G31)

4 for El Capitan 10.11.6 (Beta 4)

5 for El Capitan 10.11.5 (15F34) or 10.11.6 with Security Update (15G1004)
e.g. NVMeP -s 0

NVMeP -k "/path/to/IONVMEFamily.kext (/S/L/E/IONVMEFamily.kext by default)".
Easy ways w/o -s option:
or specifying the path to the kext if working from another partition:
NVMeP -i -k /User/Peter/Desktop/IONVMEFamily.kext
..will find a compatible patch (if any).
NVMeP -h "show help".
NVMeP produces a new kext by copying the original IONVMEFamily.kext into "IONVMEFamilyBorg.kext" and also a configSample.plist containing patches for Clover:
Clover in case of partially patches applied, can cause the corruption of your disk, and anyway in both cases I'm not responsible for any kind of damages or loss of datas. This is a hack, so use only if you have a backup and if you are able to restore the System in case of failure.

IONVMEFamilyBorg.kext (generated by NVMeP "B" version) is based on RehabMan idea here. Datas from Pike's patch extracted by Mork vom Ork here

Source code: https://github.com/Micky1979/NVMeP released under " Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported" as per Pike R. Alpha will.

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Build_Clover.command, another Script to build standard Clover (or customized)

12 July 2016 - 05:42 PM



Hi, building Pandora's Box I need to compile Clover from source so I've created a script to do that following Clover devs advices.


Well, Build_Clover.command can easily build a standard Clover, but also permit you to define macros that are not available on the standard package.

So following Slice intruction here you can create a new package containing legacy boot file with all the macro you need by selecting them:

BUILD boot7 with additional macros
	 11) USE_ION
ONLY_SATA_0 added!

That affect boot7 only,
enter you choice or press "b" to build:


Attached File  CustomClover.png   151.7KB   88 downloads

also the package is customized to remind you what you have done!  B)




Push here to Download 

Pandora's Box macOS 10.12 Sierra ready

14 June 2016 - 05:47 PM

In the coming days other updates for Pandora and bootloaders will be available to improve compatibility and stability, as soon as ready. Available in the Download Section!

Good hack by insanelymac.com

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Six hours battery life Hackintosh (thanks Rehabman +30 Euros)

11 June 2016 - 01:30 PM

Last october my old battery pack on on my HP DV7-7002el exploded... really. Also some damage to the Nothebook chassis.

In truth, I really waited too long with this old-exausted battery and pratically always connected to the charger. Maybe I should be more careful.

Replaced the chassis with an original part,  but to save money I had to do everything myself because HP asked more than 300 euro (over $350 )..


Well, I do a good job, it was also fun to do :) and offcourse, I also bought a new more powerful battery. Not an original part, but a new 9000mAh powerfull-increased battery for 30 Euros.


Lately I had not much time dedicate on my Hackintosh due to my study (these days I'll take the Diploma B)) + my job after school, but yesterday I take the time to redone from scratch my patched ACPI tables:






(+ undervolt step using Clover)


For the DSDT I never had a big problem adding/patching needed stuff, but I always found essential the battery patch by Rehabman here: https://github.com/R...ptop-DSDT-Patch  needed to display the battery information using its ACPI battery kext here: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-ACPI-Battery-Driver


This time, after the battery replacement only one issue because (apparently?) the battery never reach the 100% of charge, but stop at 80% max (at least this is displayed). Not a big problem anyway because I think this is due to the new battery kind.


But what I found really intresting, are the new patches on how to turn off the discrete graphic (NVIDIA Optimus) under OSX by Rehabman. 

Used the new iasl61 to decompile all my table adding missing external references as suggested and found only some garbage in SSDT-6 easily fixed (I had to comment out  the MXMX method BTW needed by Windows only). Applied all the patches (edited to comply with other modifications previously made to my DSDT (GFX0 to iGPU, PEGP to GFX0)), and BAM: all working at first reboot, and my NVIDIA is gone!


Surprisingly, my Lappy today reached almost 6 hours of battery life with one charge! (I mean using it)...also it is now really cold  :thumbsup_anim: (never cold like this using windows as far I remembar)! :thumbsup_anim:

Not least, now the notebook is very quiet because the fan has to do less work :D


Ok, the battery is an increased version, but I found this awesome, also considering that my i5 is not voted to the energy saving like newer ones (also have better geekbench :P )!


Please share your battery life!



New Pandora's Box III is out

05 March 2016 - 07:07 PM


Code re-done from scratch, two new apps called Ares and Webkintosh:

Ares Posted Image

bootloaders configurator for both Enoch and Clover. Can edit the config.plist entirely with some facilities (as well for o.c.B.p, kernel.plist and SMBios.plist).
Clover WIKI is embedded in the config Editor to have quick access to the instructions and examples. Ability to update Enoch and Clover to latest revision available w/o update the entire app.
Ares can install the bootloader by targeting any ESP you have directly or in congiunction with the target Volume.
You can drag your config.plist directly into the Pandora's Box window, Ares will be automatically opened. What remain is to edit it and save where you like!

Zeus Posted Image

is now specialized in kexts installation from a large selection, but also permit you to drag your kexts (into the Pandora's interface) and let you decide where to install:

in any supported filesystems, in different volumes, but is also able to install in the target volume and its ESP at same time.

Support installation in
/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other - 10.X (and an all OEM sub directories),
...again at same time!

Hermes Posted Image
now produces two kind of installers, one with "restore" method, other with "createinstallmedia".

Both are untouched installers (Vanilla), and no kexts are added, nor the bootloader.

WebKinTosh Posted Image

a web browser to navigate hot Topics on insanelymac. Use YouTube API to show videos and users can make its own on "how to" do things using Pandora's Box.

Hera Posted Image

create or update/upgrade/downgrade your RecoveryHD partition

All apps support El Capitan

carbo178, blackosx, JahStories, magnifico, Jolly, carlo_67, gengik84, Shaneee, Spakk, XtremeHacker, fantomas1, Mirone

Bing thanks to

fantomas1 and Mirone for collaborating in NVIDIA Web Drivers Updater.app and AppleHDA Patcher.app.

blackosx for some advice and also for CloverThemeManager (so that Pandora have a Theme Manager).

carbo178 for the tests made and for the Theme for both Enoch and Clover.

JahStories for the tests made and for the awesome videoWiki.

holyfield, Pike R. Alpha and Hanger1 for some research in MLB/ROM generation (last Hanger1 job will be implemented soon).


Pandora is a box and contains a lot of works from the OSX86 community and all credits goes to the respective Authors among with a big thanks.

you can see credits and license under the top bar menu of Pandora's Box by clicking "About Pandora's Box--> credits"

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