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In Topic: DSDT Auto-Patcher

30 June 2011 - 12:59 PM

use 10.6.8 and original kernel
mobo and chipset?

Hi Madl0n,

third try,this time it shopuld be fine.i was able to install 10.6.8 with original kernel.
i attached 2 sendme.zip,one booted with chimera 64bit and some kexts,one with ##### legacy 32bit mode.

i have a dell xps 17 l702x with 3d graphic,no optimus.sorry but i can get information for motherboard,tryd everest.

thank you so muc for your help and patience with me!!!!


Chimera Bootloader 64bit 10.6.8 Darwin 10.8
Attached File  send_me.zip   131.34KB   1 downloads

I-Boot legacy 32bit Darwin 10.8
Attached File  send_me_iboot_legacy.zip   127.7KB   0 downloads

In Topic: [Guide] Dell XPS 15 L502X (Early 2011) Snow Leopard Install (possibly L702x too)

30 June 2011 - 11:21 AM

Hi Guys,
sorry short question...10.6.8 was running perfect but today after booting i couldnt use the keyboard or left7right mouse button.i had to wait about 2-3 min. then it worked again.
did anybody ever had the same.
like i said it was working perfect then after reboot no input possible for 3 min.
i reinstalled the kexts,same result...out of nothing!

any ideas?? i would be very thankfull!!!

@ sybexs
man,i was meanwhile able to install 10.6.8(final) without changing kernel to the bridgehelper version.
but still same low benchmark (about 75% of what macbook pro with same cpu (i7 2720) should bring.
im still waiting for the edited dsdt from madl0n,will let you know if this one improves cpu benchmark.
its still fast like hell(tryd my musicprogramm yesterday with lots of synths and effects) but i would like to see "fullspeed".

thanks and greets kai

In Topic: DSDT Auto-Patcher

27 June 2011 - 05:47 AM

use 10.6.8 and original kernel
mobo and chipset?

hi madl0n,
sorry to ask again,but im not able to boot into 10.6.8 with original kernel,it hangs up all the time,regardless which boot flag im using.so no way to extract file from 10.6.8 with orig kernel.i could only extract one from 10.6.3
my system is running ok just a bit slow so i was hoping to fix this with patched dsdt.
would i be ok to send sendme.zip from a clean 10.6.3 install?

cant find the motherboard info(tryd everest and some others.its a dell motherboard,im having the new dell xps17 l702x
with 3 d,disabled optimus.

thanks for your help
greets kai

In Topic: [Guide] Dell XPS 15 L502X (Early 2011) Snow Leopard Install (possibly L702x too)

27 June 2011 - 05:05 AM

You need to use a vanilla dsdt file, load it up and then run the zip file. To generate the vanilla dsdt file you can generate it in windows, you would just need to fix the compile errors before it can be used. If you need one i can send you one from my system since they are so similar i don't see why not.

I am interested to see how his edits will change the system and if that will solve the problem with the CPU not being fully utilizand enable the turbo boost.

hi sybexs,
i was sending the sendme.zip again to madl0n,the way wen1 described(so without preloaded dsdt) but madl0n wrote back i have to extract it while using the original kernel from 10.6.8
problem is that i cant boot into mac os with orig kernel,no way.maybe you could send me your vanilla dsdt or even you extract the sendmezip and i will ask madl0n if this is ok to patch.
im keen to,to get cpu fully working.do you know how i can check if speedstep is working.

also one other question to everybody: aince i installed all my programs i dont want to mess up my system with to much try&error.for that i made a complete timemachine backup but if i try to restore it it tells me that backup is not made on the same machine.i guess its because now its a mackbookpro8.1 and when im trying to boot from 10.6.3 install boot it boots up as macbookpro3.1.anyway to implement the 8.1 specs while booting the install disc?
thankd for your help and sorry for so many questions,im still learning with hacjintosh!

greets and thanks

In Topic: DSDT Auto-Patcher

26 June 2011 - 09:36 AM

hi madl0n,
ive extracted a new zip,should be fine now,sorry didnt know the right way before!!! i would be really thankfull if you could have a look to my dsdt.
im still having low benchmarks in geekbench but audio & graphic is working.
i can only run 10.6.8 with the kernel from tonymac bridgehelper2.01
thaks a lot for your help!!!!
greets kai

Attached File  send_me.zip   123.52KB   0 downloads
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