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New MacBook (retina 2015) data recovery issue

14 November 2015 - 03:44 AM

Hi all,


Found this YT video and want to share:


It's about attempts to discover ways how to extract/recover data from the new Retina MacBooks.


The main problem (as I see it) is that on the new MacBooks an SSD itself is SOLDERED DIRECTLY to the logic board (just like the RAM and CPU) and it is not in any shape or form removable like for instance a HDD (the older MacBooks/MacBooks Pro) or a proprietary Apple's SSD module that is attached to the logic board via a socket (thus can be removed/replaced). So you can not remove this SSD and put it to a different Mac/external enclosure.


Hence in a case of a major logic board failure (say a liquid spill) with the MacBook not even turning on as a result, a user (without a backup in hand) is faced with a very probable lose of ALL data on the SSD. Unless the logic board is repaired (which is not always possible, not to mention that Apple doesn't do that and you need to find a repair shop that do these kind of repairs).


Sure it might probably be possible (in theory at least) to desolder the NAND chips together with the controller chips (which in turn are Apple's own development and good luck finding any datasheets on them) and solder them back on to a working logic board. Question is is it really possible and how much such a data recovery would cost (knowing that data recovery from the good old HDDs usually cost an arm and a leg).


Not to mention the single (!) I/O port used for everything (except the headphones maybe)...


Apple really went to town to make the data recovery from a dead retina MB's almost impossible (I doubt it was intentional rather it's a result of cutting costs/thickness of the product).


Think twice about that before you buy the RMB! :)

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