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In Topic: HP DC7600 with iAtkos S3 / Version 2 [10.6.3] and updated to 10.6.4 [Working...

07 September 2011 - 12:37 PM

Yes, of course you would have to change the kexts. That is why there are specific threads around here for various models of computers and motherboards. You could certainly try doing it with the ones in my pack, but it is possible or even likely that one thing or another wouldn't work (ethernet, video, sound, etc.).

In Topic: HP DC7600 with iAtkos S3 / Version 2 [10.6.3] and updated to 10.6.4 [Working...

05 September 2011 - 06:56 PM

Why do you use the 10.6.7 kernel?
What bootloader do you use?

I'm using that kernel because it is the latest patched kernel that I could find, and I didn't have much success with a vanilla 10.6.8 kernel (had panics when booting). In fact, I got it from your thread in your signature, I simply adapted the procedure you posted there, as best as I could with Google Translate. As for bootloader, I'm using Chameleon V2 RC4, as specified in the first post in this thread. My upgrade guide is meant to be a direct followup to the first post.

In Topic: Official "GarageMac" movement?

23 August 2011 - 08:36 PM

Apple has gone through storms and winds and there were times when they were in trouble, deeply. And only in such cases they licensed Mac OS to clone-makers ( OS 8.x times )

Your history is a little distorted. The licensed clones were done during the 7.x days, and they directly led to many of Apple's financial problems at the time. Mac OS 8.0 was a direct response, since it broke Apple out of their agreement to license it to the clone makers (the licenses were specific to System 7).


In Topic: HP DC7600 with iAtkos S3 / Version 2 [10.6.3] and updated to 10.6.4 [Working...

12 August 2011 - 06:20 PM

OK, here is my guide for updating iATKOS to 10.6.8 on this model computer:

You will need the following files:

10.6.8 Combo update from http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1399

My update pack from http://www.mediafire...e6mt1dc5eeuk4gw

and your iATKOS installation disc.

1. download both of the files above and put them on your desktop so you can get to them easily

2. extract the update pack, you will find a package for the kernel, Kext Helper B7, and a folder of kexts

3. run the installation for the combo update, but DO NOT REBOOT YET!!!! (I can't stress this enough).

4. run the kernel installer package next, but again, DO NOT REBOOT YET!

5. run Kext Helper B7 and use it to install all of the kexts in the kexts folder

6. insert your iATKOS install disc and NOW YOU MAY REBOOT, but make sure you boot to your iATKOS disc

7. once you get to the OS X installer on the iATKOS disc, choose Disc Utility from the menus and repair permissions on your hard drive

8. when the permission repair is done (it will take several minutes), quit Disc Utility, quit the Installer, and reboot, taking your iATKOS disc out and booting from your hard drive

You should now be running 10.6.8!

Keep in mind, I've only ever done this from a clean install of iATKOS S3/V2, so I can't say if it will work 100% correctly if you have done other updates prior to this.

In Topic: HP DC7600 with iAtkos S3 / Version 2 [10.6.3] and updated to 10.6.4 [Working...

25 July 2011 - 10:10 PM

I just got one of these computers from a friend, and was trying to install iAtkos S3V2, and when I'm booting with -v I get an endless stream of SAM Multimedia errors, and it never fully boots. Is there something I'm missing in the BIOS settings that will allow me to get this installed?

edit: according to some posts, this usually results from read errors on the disc, so I guess I'll try burning a new copy, even though I've already tried it from two different discs.

edit2: yep, it was the disc. Burned a new copy and got it to install. Now to work on updating to 10.6.8.

edit3: got it all working with 10.6.8. I may write up a guide for this computer since it is very compatible with Snow Leopard (with a minimum of tweaks), and people can find them really cheap (or free, as in my case).
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