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In Topic: [GUIDE] Scripted Yosemite/Mavericks Install on Gigabyte Mobos

04 September 2011 - 02:20 AM

If you use a DSDT for the target motherboard from Tonymac's site, just copy and paste into the Extra folder. Or you can use the DSDT patcher (see the Forum Topic by same name a couple of lines down from Tutorial). I don't use DD's script for DSDT or Plist mods.

When I am building for a 'virgin' machine, I configure the harddrive on a working Hack (except for DSDT) and then transfer the HD to the new machine. If I have done the job correctly, the new machine boots into the Mac initial registration screen and I proceed from there. Should it not work, I try to determine the problem and take the HD back to the working machine for modification. Usually most everything works and I can go from bare HD to New Mac working in about 30 minutes. I prefer the 1366 hardware as I find it much more robust and stable than 1155 and 1156. I find it well worth the few extra dollars.

Seems like the trick for a virgin is to first get it booting Lion. By 1. using a USB boot stick, then 2. a working mac (hackintosh or not) to run the script and patch the boot loader etc. Basically just doing the first 6 steps in the guide in post 1. Once its going you are basically self-sustaining on the deflowered target machine, and can run the script there, only going back to the original helper machine if something goes badly wrong.

Its been nearly 3 years since this (and ancestors) thread started and Intel brought out their 1366 i7. That original machine has been a real workhorse hasn't it. Still, I was happy to see the z68 i5 1155, and even the mATX GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 I'm using somewhat by accident, seem to fairly well supported. There are many detailed hardware lists and builds on tonymacx86 (apparently against the rules to link directly to them here). I didn't go so far as to use #####, but I did look at the build to decide to use Chimera and a starting subset of kexts. Lion seems to be running now using the DD script, so I could rebuild my DSDT, but yeah, I just took the DSDT for my board+BIOS from tonymac and stuffed DSDT.aml into /Extra. I do think these z68 i5 boards are going to become well supported, because in fact Apple uses them in their iMacs. Though, there oughta be a 1366 refresh in 2 - 5 months. Still, at the moment, there's nothing quite like a SATA 3 SSD on those i5 boards, say a Patriot Wildfire or an OCZ Vertex3. And the i5's seem to OC 50% without even trying.

There's a gap between expert threads like this one, and script kiddie GUI tools on tonymac.

Final challenge now is to try to get triple monitors working. There are some new 2012 Dells that have already appeared in Asia like the U2312HM... IPS 23" with LED and thin bezel. Thinking 3 of those rotated 90 degrees like a triptych for $200 each would be better than a single $1000 27" Apple monitor. (That would give me 3240x1920 instead of 2560x1440. There's also a U2412 16:10 for 50% more money that would add up to 3600 pixels wide). Trying to stick to known cards. Some talk on Netkas that some 5xxx and 6xxx ATI cards are OS X supported OOTB.

In Topic: [GUIDE] Scripted Yosemite/Mavericks Install on Gigabyte Mobos

03 September 2011 - 01:35 AM

The problem is not the video its the AppleTyMCEDriver.kext. I had this problem a long time ago with Core2Duo processors. There is a solution but I don't recall what that is. Temporarily, you can remove that kext to get the machine to boot.

Great idea! I removed AppleTyMCEDriver.kext from the USB boot stick, and was able to install Lion. Many thanks. Somehow the OS seemed unhappy about the i5 CPU in the GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3. I need to find some threads about what kexts this board likes or needs.

Now I'm moving the drive back to my original EX58-UD5 to install the bootloader. Going to try minimal kexts plus a DSDT. Maybe I can generate the DSDT on the target system. I'd prefer to install a DSDT while on the helper system (using one from http://www.tonymacx86.com/dsdt.php, of course not generating one on the wrong machine) but I'm not sure I see a script option for that. Maybe I can just copy it into place (er, which directory should, I guess DSDT.aml live in... do I need to tweak its permissions...)

In Topic: [GUIDE] Scripted Yosemite/Mavericks Install on Gigabyte Mobos

02 September 2011 - 04:24 PM

Posted Image

Trying to boot the Lion USB stick (from first posting) on a Gigabyte GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3. Tried 2 different graphics cards. Then tried jamming a DSDT.aml I got from http://www.tonymacx86.com/dsdt.php into Extra on the USB stick but no change. Anyone got any ideas?

I did get one successful install off this USB stick (onto rig in my sig). Other posts show the GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 can be made to work.

In Topic: [GUIDE] Scripted Yosemite/Mavericks Install on Gigabyte Mobos

02 September 2011 - 10:40 AM

Your symptoms sound like luh3417's posted (above).
If your system is rebooting on boot, the bootloaders installed on various hard drives may be incompatible or the bootloader is not loading the right kexts for your system. Make sure your boot priority is correct or that you use the F12 drive selector at boot to select the correct drive.

Thanks for posting this, as it may be helpful for others experiencing the same issues.


Yes, hoped I might either get some help, or at least provide a detailed record that might help someone. Stay tuned for my upcoming adventures with the Gigabyte Z68MX-UD2H-B3...

I had thought selecting from Chameleon was adequate, but in fact, you have to go all the way back to the origin of the boot, and use BIOS boot priority or use F12. I think in your case you had the same recent Chameleon on both or all active drives. People actively hacking would never run into this problem.

In Topic: [GUIDE] Scripted Yosemite/Mavericks Install on Gigabyte Mobos

31 August 2011 - 08:30 AM

1. If using a hard drive or flash drive, partition it as MBR. (GUID partitions cause the BIOS to lock up in my experience on Gigabyte boards.)
2. Mount Lion ISO/DVD. If you have a ESD download from the App Store, make sure it is in the default Applications folder or place it on the Desktop.
3. From script, run Create boot disk (menu #15) and select the default Boot Disk option.
4. Select a boot drive from the list of the storage devices and create the boot disk, skipping EFI strings setup. No other steps are needed to prepare this boot drive. However, you may install a DSDT patch file, if you wish.
5. Restart and boot into new drive, "Mac OS X Base System."

After I reboot off my USB stick, I see quite a long list of kexts being loaded. It ends, and then there are maybe a dozen lines I can't read, and the system reboots itself. I've tried everything I can think of, have done it 6 times, tried adding a DSDT, tried adding an EFI string, nothing helps. Anyone got any ideas I can try?

Tried booting off a different drive, tried using a HDD instead of a USB stick, same result. All I can think of is to point a movie camera at the screen to try to figure out where it is before it reboots. There's like 100's of lines of kext loading, then like a dozen more lines, then something about ACPI maybe, then blammo reboot.

EDIT: Tried changing from the 9600GT to a 7300GT graphics card. Same fail.

EDIT: Tried rebuilding the USB stick using a Mac Mini, fresh download, no EFI, no DSDT. Same fail.

EDIT: One thing I've noticed is Apple won't let me download Lion anymore, even with holding down the option key in the App Store. It doesn't like my 10.6.8 Hackintosh and it doesn't like my 10.7.1 on a real Mac Mini. I found an InstallESD.dmg Build number 11A511.

I'm really clutching at straws here. I guess the minimal Base System build doesn't have much, I'm guessing its trying to initialize the graphics. But the 7300GT is a very common card that works well with OS X.

EDIT: Found this list of graphics cards http://www.apple.com/macosx/specs.html that seems like better than random. Tried an old 8800GT which was on the list. Same fail. Do the above 5 steps work for everyone else? This is an ordinary Gigabyte EX58-UD5 F12 here, and it runs 10.6.8 with no problems.

EDIT: Did you know Quicktime Player now lets you record video, and doesn't even insist (as iMovie 11 still does) on you owning an iSight camera? Used it to record the dying moments.

EDIT: OK fixed it. I removed all drives from the computer except the drive targeted for install, and the USB stick I was booting off. But for me, again on the stock system this thread was started about, I had to insert a step 4 1/2 "make sure only the target drive and the boot stick are installed" then a step 6 1/2 "now put your original current snow leopard boot drive back in and boot off it".

EDIT: Followed along to step 12. Used the defaults. When rebooting into the patched Lion, again fail. System reboots itself. Let me point the webcam at it...

EDIT: OK almost all good now. Had to again remove the old Snow Leopard drive. I realize now the problem must have been all along that it had an incompatible version of Chameleon on it. Thanks for your help everyone. <_<

EDIT: 10.7.1 from Software Update worked... after pmVersion=0
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