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In Topic: PowerManagement (with ACPI Support) Software Release

04 October 2010 - 08:56 PM

Hey Everyone,

So here is the final version of my PowerManagement.bundle with debug messages removed. For people who are interested in the discussion that occured during the development of this driver, please refer to: http://forum.osx86pr...h...237&hl=2200

This PowerManagement.bundle fixes many of the issues that people were having with displaying battery time remaining on laptop systems. As many of you already know, Apple is using many of the advanced features of Intels new Core Duo architecture. One of these is the power management features. Therefore, much of the code was not written to support power management on older (ACPI-based) systems. This new bundles basically, adds support for detecting and retriving information from batteries registered using ACPI.

Who Should Use It:
Really this should only affect people who are using laptop systems, as there really aren't any power management features on a desktop. If you are having problems getting time remaining calculations to display properly I recomend trying this new bundle. If you are not having any problems, you are welcome to try it out anyways, but I really see no reason to. In designing the new ACPI support I tried to leave the existing functionality as intact as possible, therefore, I am sort of curious about whether I succeded. Therefore, if someone would like to try installing this on a working systems, I would be interested in hearing how it worked. (However backup your old bundle just in case.)


1. Download the PowerManagement.tar.gz file below to your favorite location
2. Un-archive the files. This will leave you with a PowerManagement.bundle
3. Navigate to: /System/Library/SystemConfiguration
4. (Optional) Backup your old PowerManagement.bundle
5. Copy (drag-n-drop) the new bundle into the SystemConfiguration folder
6. When the dialog box pops up, select authenticate and type your admin password
7. Reboot
8. (Optional) For those of you who helped with testing the debug release, please delete /var/log/PM.log

Additionally, for those of you who are interested, source code of the changes has been provided as well.

Thanks to everyone's help in the original thread for their comments/questions/suggestions, as well as their help testing.

Did everything as described above but nothing worked. No battery meter: (
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