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In Topic: [Aiuto] Problema GTX 260 Lion 10.7.2

23 March 2012 - 10:17 AM

Prova a cambiare uscita sulla scheda video

ho cambiato uscita della vga.. eseguito installazione pulita di Lion 10.7.2 e adesso funziona tutto!! Risolto!!

però adesso l'unico problema è l'audio.. mi spiego meglio ho installato il vodoo 2.7.3 ossia l'ultima versione presente nel dvd di iatkos ma guardando qualche video su youtube mi sono accorto che l'audio non è pulito.. c'è qualche piccolo rumororino che infastidisce proprio.. passo la parola a voi..

risolto da solo anche il problema audioooooo!! grazie comunque ragazzi!! :D

In Topic: [Solved] GTX 260 not working correctly

20 March 2012 - 04:13 PM

i updated chameleon at r1892 but the vga is recognized partially.. resolution fixed at 1024x768 and NO QE/CI

In Topic: [Aiuto] Problema GTX 260 Lion 10.7.2

20 March 2012 - 04:09 PM

Prova a cambiare uscita sulla scheda video

già fatto.. ma mi da lo stesso problema purtroppo..

In Topic: [Aiuto] Problema GTX 260 Lion 10.7.2

18 March 2012 - 10:41 AM

Hai provato solo GE Yes senza NVenabler

allora.. ho fatto una installazione pulita di iatkos L2, ho installato chameleon r1892 e adesso mi viene riconosciuta parzialmente la vga nel system profile.. ma la risoluzione rimane sempre fissa e niente accelerazione grafica..

se abilito il GE succede questo..

Posted Image

In Topic: [Help] Problem GTX 260 Lion 10.7.2

17 March 2012 - 12:42 AM

First repair permissons if you ever change someting in /S/E !!!! Otherwise even all is correct , wrong permissions have same effect as
not having any gpu enabler / chameleon GE working!
Hint: Check system.log if there are any driver load fails / errors listed - such driver load errors mostly are a sign for wrong permissions!

You may get messed up if you use different Tools/ patches all together!
NEVER use different injectors / enablers together / side by side - only ONE!
I would first check and search any installed patch / drivers which got installed from the iATKOS and Nvenabler, .....
Then remove them and also delete system cache kernelcache folder before you reboot.
Dont forget to repair permissions before rebooting.
Only use graphicenabler with an newer version of chameleon. If you have older Chameleon (1 year old+) your GTX 260 may not get injected correctly by missing GTX 260 dev ids in the chameleon. (Each GPU type may have not only one Dev ID, some have 2-4 different dev ids for "same" gpu type! Chameleon updates them always over the time)
Normally GE should work - sometimes you may have change DVI port if you get blue / black screen.

You can also try to install orig. 10.7.2 Nvidia driver set from the Combo update 10.7.2 using pacifist if it stays failing.

Unigine heaven OpenGL Benchmark can work 10.7 + 10.8

Happy benching with that new OS X Highend OpenGL Benchmark

Here you go: Info + DL + collected results


thank you!
I always repair permissions by disk utility!!! this is my problem!

Posted Image

now i try to update chameleon r1890.. then i will enabled GE..
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