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In Topic: [GUIDE] – HP8530p/8530w – Mavericks 10.9.1

15 January 2014 - 07:49 PM

[Update] - Installing Mavericks 10.9 - Non Dual Booting Guide

After two years since starting this thread it's time for an update on how to install the latest OS X to your hp8530p/w.

Note: In this guide I only explain how to install OS X without taking care of any parallel Windows installation.



1.) Creating a Mavericks Installer using myhack / preparing the USB Drive


a.) Mount your mavericks image $something$.dmg

b.) Format your usb device with the Disc Utility as "Mac OS Extendend (Journaled)" else myhack won't detect it.

c.) Start myhack installer, enter su password, choose "Create OS X Installer" and "Create OS X 10.9 Install Disk" afterwards
d.) Choose your usb drive as volume to run myhack on, let myhack scan the system for your mounted mavericks image
e.) Proceed with the installation process.

f. ) After myhack has finished, copy the downloaded dsdt.aml to the Extra folder of the "myHack OS X 10.9 Install Disk"


Attached File  1b.png   155.31KB   19 downloadsAttached File  1c.png   122.67KB   15 downloadsAttached File  1e.png   108.6KB   11 downloadsAttached File  1f.png   89.31KB   12 downloads


2.) Install Mavericks on the hp8530p/w


a.) Plug the created myHack Install USB Stick into your hp8530p/w

b.) Press ESC after the hp boot prompt and F9 afterwards to choose the USB Device as boot device.
c.) In Chameleon choose "myHack OS X 10.9 Install Disk" and enter the additional paramter -v (in case something goes wrong)
d.) Wait for the setup to start... takes some time
e.) Format your HDD using Utilities -> Disk Utility as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) - Proceed with the setup

f. ) Myhack will ask you some additional questions during installation - I answered them in this combination

- Use Generic Extra that comes with myHack - YES

- Remove ApplePolicyControl.kext - YES

- Remove AppleTyMCEDriver.kext - YES

- Remove AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext - I'm not sure - I tried both.. didn't make any difference. Your choice.

g.) The setup will restart - boot the HDD in Chameleon - you can remove the usb drive at this point.

h.) Proceed with the Installation.... Done.


Attached File  2c.jpg   154.88KB   10 downloadsAttached File  2e.jpg   132.41KB   8 downloadsAttached File  2f.jpg   162.35KB   9 downloadsAttached File  2h.jpg   119.07KB   7 downloads


3.) Driver Installation


a.) Navigate to /Extra/ and remove the whole folder "Extensions" and "RemovedExtensions"

b.) Copy the following files from the downloaded Extra.zip to /Extra

- SMBios.plist

- org.chameleon.Boot.plist

c.) Copy the latest dsdt.aml to /Extra

d.) Go to /System/Library/Extensions and remove the following files

- AppleHDA.kext

- AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext

- myhack.kext

e.) Extract the SLE.zip and install the following files using kext wizard to /S/L/E/

- ACPIBatteryManager.kext

- AppleHDA.kext

- AppleIntelE1000.kext

- FakeSMC.kext

- VoodooPS2Controller.kext

f.) Reboot
g.) Finish the installation of the VoodooPs2Controller Dameon (see https://github.com/R.../How-to-Install). If you don't to this, your keyboard/touchpads won't work after sleep!

h.) Optional: Check if speedstep is working using the HWMonitor.app (inside SLE.zip)


Attached File  3b.png   86.49KB   7 downloadsAttached File  3d.png   63.38KB   6 downloadsAttached File  3j.png   457.04KB   4 downloads




Update to 10.9.1 via AppStore is possible without any issues - just replace the updated AppleHDA.kext with the one from SLE.zip again...


I hope I didn't miss something...


Enjoy your hackbook,


In Topic: [GUIDE] – HP8530p/8530w – Mavericks 10.9.1

13 January 2014 - 06:49 AM

@any1982: zip the ioreg file and it's possible to attach it. I'm not sure why you can't boot directly from the hdd.

Now I guess some kexts are missing, because in the pm you said that it was possible for you to boot without GraphicsEnabler=yes when using a mult*beast installation and the dsdt.

Maybe it's just time for another part of the guide which explains how to set up mavericks.... be patient.

In Topic: [GUIDE] – HP8530p/8530w – Mavericks 10.9.1

08 January 2014 - 11:41 PM

some more updates:

raeis was kind to send me the files from pcbeta - many thanks again!.

Those files are a huge improvement. Their DSDT has some nice patches inside but some stuff is missing (firewire for example) - needs some further investigation.... Unfortunately it had a compatibility issue for 10.8.5 and above which broke speedstepping but I fixed it.
(see http://www.tonymacx8...e-10-8-5-a.html for more info)

Most of the kext files from the pcbeta thread are useless for 10.9 (except AppleHDA) - but kexts from other sources work properly with the patched dsdt :) !

I'm happy to say that this stuff is finally fixed:

  • Audio - AD1984A via AppleHDA / DSDT (except ext. microphone input)
  • Battery/AC – Notebook Battery Status
  • Brightness Control via FN-Key
  • TouchStick and TouchPad (gestures etc.)
  • LID ( Sleep when Closing LID)
  • Sleep

You'll need the following kexts:

  1. AppleIntelE1000.kext from http://sourceforge.n...ers/files/Kext/ for the Ethernet Controller
  2. AppleHDA.kext from my last post: delete any existing AppleHDA.kext from /S/L/E/ and install via Kext Wizard
  3. ACPIBatteryManager.kext from https://github.com/R...-Battery-Driver - Install via Kext Wizard. Delete AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext from /S/L/E - this will enable the Battery Status;)
  4. FakeSMC.kext from https://github.com/R...-FakeSMC-kozlek - Replace any other instances of FakeSMC.kext with this version. I'm not 100% sure if this step is needed - but you'll get a nice HWMonitor app which lets you check if speedstepping is properly working (see below) ;)
  5. VoodooPS2Controller.kext from https://github.com/R...-PS2-Controller - Install the way it's described there. This will enable all the special HP-Keys, TouchPad, TouchStick and Brightness Control via FN-Keys.

Some other notes:

Speedstepping is not enabled in this DSDT. You'll have to enable it via Chameleon or any other Bootloader which is the appropriate way to enable Speedstepping. To do so - enable P and C-State generation in your org.chameleon.Boot.plist and add the right SMBios.plist for a MacBookPro5,1 to your extra folder. You can generate one using Chameleon Wizard. Make sure that after a reboot the following Kexts are loaded. AppleLPC, AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement, AppleHPET. Check using kextstat in a shell. Also make sure that NullCPUPowerManagment.kext is not loaded - if so remove that kext file. Finally check if your cpu changes frequency while idle using the HWMonitor.app (see above). Temp of my CPU (T9400) is around 40°C...


Many thanks to the guys involved in all those fancy dsdt patches and kext driver stuff... ;)





--- edit #1


added some more dsdt fixes (v2):

  • HPET fix from macintoshy's DSDT - fixes weird usb behaviour - thanks!
  • EHCI (ICH10)
  • SATA (ICH10)
  • SBUS (ICH10)

--- edit #2


Some people are messaging me if this dsdt is compatible with their specific CPU:

Yes it is. As it doesn't contain any specific speedstepping settings you can use this dsdt on any hp8530p/w.

Just make sure to enable speedstepping via chameleon (see note above)

In Topic: [GUIDE] – HP8530p/8530w – Mavericks 10.9.1

06 January 2014 - 01:45 PM

time for a litte update:


did a fresh install with mavericks using myhack and one of my old dsdts. works great so far - but the unresolved problems still exist.


after some research for new drivers (audio etc) I found two very nice discussions in chinese boards:





seems like they've fixed many of our problems - but I have trouble downloading the files from pcbeta...


from 51nb I got a working AppleHDA.kext file for our AD1984A which is great success!

internal speaker, headphone output and the internal microphone are working. external microphone is not working


my dsdt and the applehda file is attached below...



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