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Unable to even boot to installation on Skylake board

10 June 2016 - 06:24 AM



I've been trying for several days to get El Capitan to install on my computer. Last payday, I upgraded my computer with a new Z170 motherboard, CPU and RAM. With a new board, I thought I'd go back to working on hackintosh. I've gotten my dell laptop installed with OSX, but I haven't gotten it to install on my desktop. Here's my current setup:


MSI Z170A PC Mate (firmware A.90)

Intel Core i5 6500

16GB Patriot RAM (2x8GB - DDR 4 2133)


Patriot Ignite SSD (960 GB)

Seagate 1.5 TB SATA HD

Western Digital 2 TB SATA HD

(all drives formatted GUID)


And if I remember correctly, I've set in the UEFI Virtualization enabled, but VT-d disabled. I couldn't find anything on CSM, but I made sure I was UEFI only. I enabled XMP instead of the click BIOS (I think). I disabled legacy serial and parallel ports.



I'm sorry if I gave too much/too little hw info. And I've been looking and haven't found anything any similar to my issue. When I first started trying, with my Nvidia card in the computer, I somehow got it to get almost to the install program. It went through the boot process. I was able to load Bluetooth (even though I don't have any bt on my computer). But just a couple lines about successful BT messages, the screen got corrupted and a circle in the center of the screen with a line through it. But the boot messages were still behind it, but corrupted. I squinted to try to read the last line. It *looks* like it's that old "unable to find root device" message, but I could be wrong. I later tried the "rootless=0" boot option, but that didn't help.


I saw someone's post somewhere that said you want to start with only the onboard video, so I remove the 750TI, but that's where it went south. No matter what I do, I can only get a "Error allocating 0x11aff pages at 0x00000000056c1000 alloc type 2" message followed by "Couldn't allocate runtime area."


I tried several combinations of the following boot options:



-v -f -x -s

GraphicsEnabler=No (or Yes, didn't matter)



Maybe some others. I vaguely remember from when I've done hackintosh before, the "npci=" option, but I'm not sure that would help. I've tried in clover to enable or disable the Intel injector (when I was using onboard video). I've tried manually setting the version as "10.11.1" or just "10.11." 


Tonight, I tried going back to using the 750TI because I got furthest with that, but now I'm just getting the Error allocating pages error. And I've tried 2 different USB drives.


Does anyone have any idea?





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