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ATI 6850

22 October 2010 - 04:09 AM

just came out , ordered one.
6850 is
- shorter 9.25"
- 14W Idle
- 1.5 Teraflops
- 1x full size display port
- 1x HDMI
- 2x DVI
got the gigabyte, with 2 fans, will see how quiet it is,....
10.6.5 should have some drivers , otherwise I'll try with chameleon.
should be in next tuesday,...

for requests pm/post
I'll dump the rom for starters

the 6870
- 19W idle,
- needs 2 power connectors, 500W+ PSU
that's the other reason I got the 6850, got a fanless psu, and the other one is 450W,
did not feel, to do the psu at the same time yet,...
- might need power adapter, if you only have 1 left, or new psu
- 2 teraflops,
- faster memory bandwidth
- 10.3" long, but don't forget the power cables, they stick out too,
that means, 11" , better measure
- dual slot, of course,....

to do:
- rom dump
- once running, xbench,...
- glview
- 2 monitor test
- hdmi
- displayport test
- retire gt 240 fanless (works perfect, just slow on games, my son is getting bigger)

is there a way with opencl ? h.264 encoding be nice ....

disc sleep , wake slow energy saver

03 October 2010 - 06:54 PM

I have a bunch of discs, 7

energy saver -> put discs to sleep when possible,...

problem: slow / lockup , slow wake

anytime, in browser , when you hit save as
or spotlight search, it wakes all the discs, und you got to watch the spinning wheel,
and wait till all discs are spun up, till you can do anything !?

is there a way around ?

sata cards 64bit

03 October 2010 - 06:50 PM

looking for pci-E sata cards that work with 64bit.

just got a sil3124 4 port pci-e card , ony works in 32bit
---> boot arch=x86_32

in 64bit not recognized !!!

considering highpoint rocketraid 2300 series , but can't find any info !

other ideas, is there a way to load 32bit drivers in 64bit ?

best candidate:
- pci-express
- pci 2.0
- sata 2
- ports 4 - 8 internal
also looking for 2 port esata

virtualbox AMD 12-core

03 October 2010 - 03:47 PM

goal/test virtualbox AMD

since VDI supports OSX server install, thought it be nice
if we could use an AMD mobo (magny cours, 2x = 24 cores)
as a base, and load osx virtualbox .

thought, the base os could be opensuse or opensolaris
and run virtualbox there.

why ?
well native be nice too.

but running native on a new chipset might be hard,
while an linux kernel, be interfacing with virtualbox,
might actually be cleaner.

the other thought was, to have native ZFS file system for storage and backup.
this be on a dual cpu mobo, AMD G34
for starters 2x 8core = 16 core 2ghz 16gb ram, 128gb SSD raid0, 12TB ZFS raidz, nvidia gtx260
dual GBE (agregate link), in a 4U case, hotswap mobile racks, etc.

what you think ? any chance , vanilla in virtualbox on an AMD server

Chameleon boot loader diff disks

06 January 2010 - 10:23 PM

subject: Chameleon boot loader diff disks

would like to use chameleon boot loader to boot different partitions on different disks !

disk 1
1.1 osx GUID active
1.2 osx backup
1.3 osx test
1.4 osx load

disk 2
2.1 windoze xp, games mbr , ntfs
2.2 windows xp bak
2.3 windows work
2.4 solaris test
3.5 suse work

for windoze, I'd plull all other disks, install, and plug back,
so far only worked if, switched in bios.
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