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Today, 11:34 AM

Who have a problem with 23702 please show your set of KernelAndKextPatches. Is there any empty patch?

I have no empty patches, but I have disabled ones (my config is based on a generic config for the whole ProBook 4x40s series by RehabMan):


In Topic: Clover General discussion

Yesterday, 08:54 PM

edk2 r23700 here works well (+/- 10 seconds to the login screen)

edk2 r23701 here works well (+/- 10 seconds to the login screen)

edk2 r23702 slow boot. Quickly show some dots and here hangs for 10/12 seconds, than boot as usual.


Same results for me on both my desktop (AMI Aptio) and my laptop (HPQ EFI) with one difference: with r23702 Clover stays at the dots forever on both machines

In Topic: Clover General discussion

Yesterday, 06:37 PM

What if we revert changes of 23702?

Yes, it should be r23701. r23702 is the first problematic for most of us.

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17 January 2017 - 07:03 PM

UEFI with EmuVariable on my ThinkPad T460


Just a side note: the issue doesn't appear to be EFI driver-related. Tried to use one and the same EFI drivers (incl. this one) with all Clover build, mentioned by me in my previous post. Tested the different Clover builds, using the EFI drivers from r3974 and r3977 (though I suspect they are identical, haven't checked their checksums to be sure of that). The issue appears to be pure bootx64.efi (Clover) - related.

In Topic: Clover General discussion

17 January 2017 - 07:45 AM

Confirm, please, that Clover compiled with EDK2-23700 is good, with 23702 is bad.


Just tested with my ProBook. It doesn't boot with anything above r23702 including. r23700 and r23701 seem to be OK (the older versions too). That's for UEFI boot, haven't tested the legacy boot (don't even use it anymore). Also haven't tested those versions on my desktop, will do that later today (currently at work).

Commits 23700 - 23703 incl. contain changes to the following files:







and obviously something has happened between commits r23701 and r23702.


Edit: Just tested the same builds on my desktop. Same scenario: works with all edk2 builds prior to r23702 and doesn't work with r23702 and higher.



Tested, Clover r3977 w/ edk2 r23704 works fine on UEFI boot. Not confirmed r23700/r23702...



Tested that too yesterday, but it doesn't work for me.

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