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In Topic: rebooting kernel panic screen for installing Sierra

Today, 05:18 AM

Looks like the partition you installed to is messed up. You can repair it from Disk Utility from the USB install media, but if this is a brand new install then you may as well erase it and reinstall.

In Topic: Alienware seirra boot error

Today, 03:06 AM

Since your laptop has Nvidia Optimus you're stuck only using Intel HD530 in OS X. Attached is a Clover config that you can start with which has the fixes needed for it.


For ig-platform-id I have set 0x19160000 but you'll have to figure out if it needs to be changed to another one yourself.


Here's how to edit your DSDT to permanently disable the Nvidia card: http://www.insanelym...tosh/?p=2030047


For battery monitor: https://bitbucket.or...y-2016-1118.zip



In Topic: Alienware seirra boot error

Yesterday, 07:01 PM

What kext are you using for PS/2 support? keyboards and trackpads communicate through PS/2 on PC brand laptops while it connects through the USB bus in Macbooks so you need to include a kext to support it. 


Looks like your model has a Synaptics touchpad so this will work fine: https://bitbucket.or...o-2016-1208.zip ignore the VoodooPS2Daemon binary for now - just use the kext.

In Topic: 3D acceleration for OS X El Capitan/Sierra

Yesterday, 02:24 PM

No, it's just a CD image that contains an installer pkg for VMware tools, just like VMware tools equivalent for Windows in windows.iso or Linux in linux.iso that's included with the software. Install the pkg.

In Topic: Fujitsu Lifebook A555 El Capitan?

14 January 2017 - 05:57 PM

I see you also made a thread on the other forum using this exact wording. No one is going to make a guide for an A555 model unless they own an A555 themselves. The guides Rehabman linked you to is the best you're going to get.


According to someone's lspci dump for the A555 model it looks like it comes with Intel wifi which isn't supported. Hopefully it's easily accessible from a bottom panel for you to replace with a supported Broadcom or Atheros card, otherwise you'll have to get a cheap USB wifi adapter that has an OS X driver for it. I highly recommend trying to replace it over going USB.


Realtek gigabit LAN will be fine. Try: http://www.insanelym...rtl8111-binary/


There's no support for PCIE Realtek card readers. A cheap USB card reader works fine in OS X.


You have an Alps touchpad so you'll have to use a version of VoodooPS2 made for Alps as the default one doesn't support it. I use this one on my laptop that also has Alps: http://forum.osxlati...tan-1011410115/


Your audio codec is ALC283 which you can get working with AppleALC or VoodooHDA. You shouldn't have too hard of a time getting it working.

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