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In Topic: G5 Hackintosh - First attempt

03 April 2013 - 02:38 PM

Are you using a PCI adapter for the Apple wifi module there? I'm just looking at the 3 antennae and have seen similar adapter cards on ebay.

I'm wondering if one of those would work with a BT/WiFi combo mini pci-e card? Ebay search isn't working right now but when I was looking up mini pci-e cards from MacBooks there was one which had wifi and bluetooth on the same card. It appeared to have 2 connections (one for BT and one for WiFi I assume). I was thinking of getting a pci-e adapter card with 2 antennae and using it with this combo card in an upcoming hack build.

yes, i'm using apple wireless card (bcm4322) with mini PCI-E adapter and Apple Bluetooth card from MacbookPro connected to USB on MB. I think that you can't use combo card (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth) from Apple with mini PCI-E adapter because it has 18 pins, PCI-E has 26 pins, so they are not compatible.

You should flip the CPU fan around, it's blowing the wrong way.

air direction of the cpu fan is going from inside of the pc to front out

In Topic: G5 Hackintosh - First attempt

30 March 2013 - 09:39 AM

those temps are just fine... great solution for two issues - where to put your storage drives and how to help manage cables better!

definitely, here is a picture of my first idea... I wanted to put hard disk in coolermaster bay rafter but I didn't was satisfied with the result. I don't like cables!

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In Topic: G5 Hackintosh - First attempt

29 March 2013 - 06:19 PM

You chose quiet fans / slow rpm, I like that! But how would you rate the G5 60mm fans? Do they point out in an acoustic way?

No they did not! G5 60mm fans are very loud and I had to install speed controller because my priority for this mod was to built silent PC
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I think that is a very unique idea putting the HDD &SSD in the TeslaConverter shell with the new PSU. My only question is one of heat. Do you have the ability to thermally monitor your storage drives and assuming yes, what are the temps?

Very nicely done!

Thanks :)

temps are 27-29C (If I can believe to HWMonitor app).
Maybe I will separate power supply and hdd but definitely hdd will stay at the bottom of the case, because I want to keep minimalistic look without visible power and SATA cables. For now everything seems to work very nice :)

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Very VERY clean, I really love this. You did a great job on everything, and I second the props on the HDD solution, VERY nice!


Congratz, for a first time, this is a nice shot. Clean and well done.

Thanks man.
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