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$10 paypal reward for solution

13 February 2009 - 12:55 AM

Okay, so I want to play the sound out of my 17" MacBook Pro speakers (which sound awesome) and the headphone jack (which is plugged into my hifi) at the same time. How do I do it? $10 paypal to the first person who comes up with a solution.

New Snow Leopard Seed!

05 February 2009 - 09:27 PM

From a friend:

Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard build 10A261 Developer Seed Note

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is the next major release of Mac OS X.

As this is a pre-release build, it is not advisable to use this software on a production system with information on it that you depend on for your business.

Please be aware that you will not be able to revert back to your previous system after updating. Please install this update on a system you are prepared to erase if necessary.

Installation Instructions

A. Install Snow Leopard using hard disk partitions:
Three hard disk partitions internal or external (you could use 2 but 3 recommended)

Hard disk partitions setup:
Partition 1 - download Snow Leopard disk image here
Partition 2 - restore disk image onto this partition
Partition 3 - partition to install Snow Leopard on 
(Partition 3 is optional, you can install onto Partition 1 if you only have 2 partitions)

1. Boot off partition 1, using Disk Utility, restore the Snow Leopard DVD Disk Image onto partition 2

2. Boot off partition 2 and install Snow Leopard onto partition 3
OR if you only have 2 partitions:
2. Boot off partition 2 and install Snow Leopard onto partition 1

Note: Use System Preferences : Startup Disk to pick startup volume


B. Burn bootable DVD for installation:
1. A DVD drive capable of burning double-layer DVDs
	Here's how to check to see if you have such a drive:
	- Launch "Systems Profiler" 
	- Under Hardware, click on "Disc Burning"
	- Under "DVD-Write", if "+R DL" is listed then your machine has the ability to burn double layer DVD discs.
2. A blank DVD+R DL media

1. Launch Disk Utility
2. Click the Burn button in the Toolbar 
3. Navigate to and select the downloaded DVD disk image then click the Open button
4. Insert a blank DVD+R DL disc into your DVD burner
5. Click the Burn button

After burning, install Snow Leopard from the burned DVD.

Focus Areas

As great progress has been made in the Grand Central Dispatch (libdispatch) and OpenCL APIs, prompt feedback on those API sets would be appreciated.

Changes Since the Last Seed

- This seed includes the CoreLocation framework which lets you determine the current latitude and longitude of a computer. The framework uses the available hardware to triangulate the user’s position based on nearby signal information. Additional details can be found at /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreLocation.framework/Headers
- Cocoa now includes APIs for using multi-touch features in the new MacBook and MacBook Pros. Details are available in the AppKit framework release notes.
- The WebObjects developer support package is not included in the Xcode Tools distributed with this seed of Snow Leopard. The package may be downloaded from ADC soon after the Snow Leopard seed has been made available.

Objective-C Garbage Collector
The garbage collector now features much faster root tracing. In particular, "info gc-roots" in gdb is now many times faster than before.

The collector also features a number of new environment variables that can be used to aid in debugging. Set AUTO_USE_GUARDS to "YES" or "true" to enable guard pages in the collector. If the process attempt to write beyond the end of an allocated chunk of memory, the collector will abort() the process. Like GuardMalloc, this can be a quick way to deduce heap corruption bugs.

Set AUTO_REFERENCE_COUNT_LOGGING to "YES" or "true" to log collector retain/release events via the malloc history mechanism.  Requires MallocStackLoggingNoCompact or MallocStackLogging to be enabled.

Set AUTO_RESURRECTION_ABORT to YES or true to catch cases where objects become valid after having been finalized. Resurrection will become a hard error before Snow Leopard is released, as it can lead to heap inconsistencies and difficult to diagnose crashes.

Printer Driver Changes
SnowLeopard no longer installs all printer drivers by default. Rather, the default behavior is to install only the drivers for attached USB printers, printers previously used by the old system, network printers visible on Bonjour, and popular printers. 

If you add a printer for which no driver is installed, Mac OS X will now query the Software Update server and then offer to download and install a driver should one be available.

Microsoft Exchange Support

Setting Up Exchange
Mail includes an autodiscovery feature to streamline the configuration process:
1. Open Mail preferences and click the plus button to add a new account
2. Enter your Microsoft Exchange email address and password and click "Continue" 
3. Your server settings will be auto populated and you can choose to simultaneously configure Address Book and iCal for use with Microsoft Exchange as well
4. Verify the settings are correct and click "Create"

If the your server settings are not automatically configured, after step 2 you can select "Microsoft Exchange 2007" as a new account type and manually enter your server settings. You will still be able to simultaneously configure Address Book and iCal for use with Microsoft Exchange. 

Known Limitations in Microsoft Exchange Support

- Notes composed in Mail may not always appear on the Exchange server.
- Transferring messages between Exchange mailboxes does not always succeed.

Address Book
- Use of Address Book beyond basic viewing of Microsoft Exchange Contacts should be avoided in this seed.
- Changes made to contacts on the Exchange server may not be reflected in Address Book until it is relaunched.

Known Limitations

Installation Issues
- Some users have encountered errors while installing. A subsequent installation attempt to the same volume should result in a successful upgrade.
- Booting from the Mac OS X Installation DVD can take up to 10 minutes.
- When migrating your user, Setup Assistant may may not finish calculating the size of your content which prevents those items from migrating. If this occurs, quit Setup Assistant and reboot.

Developer Issues
- Using the Help system in Xcode may result in a crash. Please save your project before accessing Xcode Help.
- Selecting 'SCM -> Diff With... -> Base' in Xcode may lead to a hang.
- Script Editor fails to record Finder actions.
- When Automator is run in 32-bit mode stopping and then running a workflow results in a crash.
- Launching an application via Xcode's Debug option sometimes fail. Relaunching Xcode, rebuilding the application and attempting to debug it again will workaround this.

Other Issues
- Adding a field to a Address Book contact through the 'Card' menu will result in the deletion of other data for that contact.
- There are known deadlocks in AppKit which can cause an application to hang. To confirm whether this is the source of a particular hang, run 'sample' in Terminal on the hung application and confirm whether NSUIHeartBeat is in the call stack.
- Applications that access the system keychain may display password prompts or report incorrect user names or passwords even when the application has successfully authenticated.
- The warning for low batteries in an attached Bluetooth mouse causes the current user to be logged out.
- The date shown in the iCal Dock icon does not update correctly.
- Active Directory support may be unreliable.
- Certain mailboxes in Mail may not always display new messages. Quit and re-launch Mail to workaround this.
- By default all of your local disks will be in the exclusion list for Time Machine backups. You can remove a volume from the exclusion list, but will not be able to add it back to the exclusion list after that point.
- iDisk syncing sometimes leads to a crash in FileSyncAgent that prevents the sync from completing.
- The Microsoft Office 2004 installer hangs mid-way through. Drag the Office 2004 folder to your Applications folder to work around this.
- Adobe CS4 can be run as a universal binary, but will crash when opened in Rosetta.
- In Microsoft Office 2004 hitting Cmd-P to print to an HP printer will result in a crash. Select File->Print to work around this.
- Attempting to save an Adobe CS4 document after it has already been saved may result in an error.
- Grayed out or disabled icons & images look extra dark.
- Front Row crashes when launched.
- Photo booth crashes when launched.
- Accessing the built in help system yields a blank window. 
- iChat bubbles display minor graphics corruption.

[WTB] Low-end used older MacBook

05 September 2008 - 01:19 PM

Hey, my girlfriend is looking to buy a MacBook but her budget rests somewhere between $600-750. This is really important to her for school, etc, but I'm not sure where to find it. I know I got mine for $700 US. I'd appreciate only US and Canadian offers please. Shipping from the UK is the most ridiculous shit ever.
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