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In Topic: Need help with front panel audio jack (2009 mac pro)

31 October 2012 - 02:09 PM


In Topic: usb device not recognised on Maximus IV GENE-Z?

10 October 2012 - 06:50 AM

np - glad to help!

And it sounds like your wires were really crossed if the original pinout had the front and back messed up. Test, test, then test again - that's how I have gotten most of my stuff to work - learn by doing.

With regards to the thumbdrive - does the thumbdrive work plugged directly into the port? or only fail when plugged into a hub/card reader that is plugged into that port??

both are plugged directly into port.

In Topic: usb device not recognised on Maximus IV GENE-Z?

09 October 2012 - 09:16 AM

wires crossed audio wise means the sound could be out of phase - for example you reverse the red and common wires on the right speaker, but the white and common are correct on the left side, when a stereo signal is sent and the voice channel is modulated to sound as if its comming from the center, the voice will sound all messed up.

Um... was that a bit much? how about this - generally, it'll be fine but you might notice it on vocals.

With regards to switched L/R? well, that should just mean the left is comming out of the right, and vice-versa.

Both switched? Well, thats some messed up s#!+ right there!

Glad all is well now - how about some pictures of your rig?!?

I;m not too sure what you mean by crossed, etc

though I am sure that the reason why there is no sound could be due to the fact that i was looking for a "front audio jack/output" but there wasn't any, so what happens is, the sound is split between the rear audio jacks and the front audio jack. so all I have to do is use the original output (rear audio output) and i can hear sounds from the front.

but i am pretty sure the original pinout on aquamac is reversed on the audio left and right, because i just tested my version and LEFT output is coming out of the LEFT earphone and so on.

long story short, it works now. just no idea why the USB ports cant be used for thumbdrives,etc only mouse, which makes it not so useful.

right now, there's nothing to show, just needs shortening of wires and assembly into the mac pro case

thanks for yr help so far

In Topic: usb device not recognised on Maximus IV GENE-Z?

09 October 2012 - 04:59 AM

does the thumbdrive work directly connected? I also had a problem 'bout a month ago with an el-cheapo memory card reader halting my HP Pavilion DV5 Laptop from even booting when it was plugged in - very strange.

my bet at this point is the card reader. When I plugged in my thumbdrive to a USB hub it freaked on my hackintosh, but straight into the port - all good.

If that is the problem, then the audio shouldnt be an issue since it all connects to the same place up front. If for some reason you cant get the usb port in front to work for what you need, then you could most likely hack the whole thing and replace it with parts of your choosing. I thought about doing that with my G5 just to get two USB ports, and in many ways, I am regretting NOT doing it - I have ONE functional USB port right now - that one.

SO... I think what I am say is try your stuff w/o the card reader. If good, then replace reader. If bad, then hack!

did that make sense to anyone besides me?

yes it does. when i first tried and it didnt' work, I immediately tested it with the back usb ports and it works fine.

I finally realised why audio didnt work. the supposedly correct pinout diagram reversed the left and right audio wires despite some members of that forum vouching for it. i mean, i'm not sure whether that affects anything or not. because at the same time, I tried switching the default device from speakers to other realtek devices, to no avail.

strangely, before i updated the audio drivers, there was 1 audio device taht wasn't connected but its description says front audio. after updating, this option disappeared. and i forgot that there is no front jack sensing for the mac pro front panel/

anyway now it works fine.

In Topic: usb device not recognised on Maximus IV GENE-Z?

09 October 2012 - 02:05 AM

Try a mouse or some other non-memory USB device. I hate windows for the simple fact that they cant have a unified USB driver like OSX and Linux, so you have to install a driver for every stupid little device that you plug into your UNIVERSAL Serial Bus port. I suggest a mouse or some such because just yesterday I had an issue with a 16gb memory stick that Windows was flaking out on.

Just a suggestion - let us know what happens!


it works. i mean, I unplugged the memory card reader and thumbdrive and replaced it with a spare mouse and it works right out of the box.

Now there's 2 questions for me. why it doesnt work with memory card readers and how to reroute the audio....
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