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In Topic: Working Kext for Sapphire 4830, ASUS EAH4830 under 10.5.8

19 February 2010 - 07:36 PM

Updated on 8-8-2009
Kexts work under 10.5.8.
After update(Please refer to proper instructions for updating), you may need to enter single user mode to remove all ATI kext.

Instructions for removing original ATI kexts in single user mode:
1. Start up with -s string
2. sudo -s
3. mount -wu /
4. cd /System/Library/Extensions
5. rm -r ATI*
6. rm -r Natit*

Updated on 21-7-2009
After playing a little bit more, some more things to note.
1. For DVI/VGA/HDMI 4830 Sapphire card
1.1 Both VGA and DVI port working individually with QE and CI support. But VGA Port do not support wide screen resolution, even using "Granphics Mode" string during boot.
1.2 It is not working for DVI2VGA adapter with this DVI/VGA/HDMI card.
1.3 Once the DVI is working, the VGA port will not work until restart. Therefore, Dual Screen probably won't work.
1.4 Both 800SP and 640SP version work exactly the same.
2. For DVI/S-VIDEO/DVI 4830 Sapphire card
2.1 Working for both DVI port individually. (Reported by joeblowm)

Updated on 19-7-2009
Turn out maybe it is better to remove those old drivers before installing new ones.
Instructions for removing all ATI Drivers:
1. Open Terminal
2. sudo -s
3. enter your password
4. cd /System/Library/Extensions
5. rm -r ATI*
6. rm -r Natit*

If you use PC_EFI V9 or chameleon, you may also need to delete ATI kext from /Extra/Extensions folder.
7. cd /Extra/Extensions
8. rm -r ATI*
9. rm -r Natit*

Updated on 18-7-2009
1. New download location added.
2. Kexts also work for ASUS EAH4830 (reported by Xikita).

Original posted on 12-7-2009
Hi all,
I just got this Sapphire 4830 recently and suffered from makeing it work under OSX. I downloaded a lot of files and no luck for all of them.
Since this card got only 1 DVI, so, the dvi2vga hack won't work for it too.
After playing arround all those files, install, remove the install again, suddenly, it works!!!!
What I have done is like this I believe ( I forgot how exactly I make it, maybe figure it out later).

1. Install 7_radeon_hd_48x0_drivers.pkg from "A Simple guide for 4830.....".
2. Install netkas Patched framebuffers for 48x0 and 3870x2.
3. Install Enabler_for_Nvidia_and_multiple_ATI_cards.pkg from Simple Guide.
4. Install accel pack from another post in this forum, not the one in Simple Guide.(Sorry, I forget which post)
5. Reinstall 7_radeon_hd_48x0_drivers.pkg again.(Don't use Kext Helper to install those files in the pkg, just install using the pkg file. I think this is the part that I do right)
6. Install Natit.kext from 64bit's mod using Kext helper.

It's now working with QE/CI, and only the DVI is plugged in.

Attached is the link for the files finally I got. Hope it works for every one.


P.S. May someone using the dvi2vga hack try these files? In order to see do they work without that trick, thanks.

I'am new in this, but somehow i install everything and now the i want to boot up ideneb 1.6 i must change DVI place ,and it started working now i can change my resolution, but all this stuff gave me another problem, the mouse pointer started a bit laggy , is there anybody know how to fix this problem.
P.S sorry for my english im from lithuania

Asrock 4core1600twins p35
4gb kingston ddr 800
Intel E5200 2.5 @ 3.5ghz
XFX hd 4830 512mb
Seagate 320gb sataII +120gb sata connected as AHCI
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